How to unlock the Peely skin in Fortnite Guide

Lately, we were covering only PUBG Mobile tricks and tips. I thought let’s give Fortnite its own space.

The eighth season started last week and introduced pirates and ninjas to the game while also giving players more challenges, weapons, and obviously new season outfits. The Peely skin has taken the Fortnite community by storm.

It’s not too hard to get Peely skin in Fortnite just follow the steps:

peely skin in fortnite
Image from Fortnite


Steps to unlock Peely skin in Fortnite:

  1. In Fortnite, go to the Battle Pass screen.
  2. Purchase the Battle Pass for season eight.
  3. Continue playing Fortnite until you reach the  Tier 47 in the Battle Pass.
  4. Peely outfit would automatically be unlocked upon reaching Tier 47.

The Peely skin is also reactive, which means that throughout the course of a match the

banana skin will ripen, so try and stay alive for as long as possible to see how ripe the banana gets.

NOTE:- Players only have 64 days to unlock the skin.

I hope you liked this guide and do let us know in the comments if you want more Fortnite tutorials

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