How to visit the northernmost point of the island in Fortnite

After our number of posts on PUBG, we thought to write something for our Fortnite players too. Currently, in the season there is a challenge which is to players putting on their best exploration hats and roaming to the northernmost point of the island in Fortnite.

How to visit the northernmost point of the island

  1. Jump into your favorite mode of Fortnite’s Battle Royale.
  2. While in the Battle Bus, find Junk Junction on the map and set a marker for the edge of the map that can be found above the “N” in “Junction.”
  3. As you get closer to Junk Junction, drop down and begin flying to your set marker.
  4. Once you land and make your way to the edge of the map, you’ll notice a sign with the letter ‘N’ planted in the ground.
  5. As you reach the sign, the challenge will automatically mark itself as complete.

How to visit the northernmost point of the island in Fortnite 1


Finally, your challenge is finished and you can do other challenges in the game.

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