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Clash Royale Statistics

How to get all stats of a player in Clash Royale?

Clash Royale is a spin-off type of Clash of Clans developed by the same company, Super Cell. The game combines elements from collectible card games, tower defense, and multiplayer online battle arena. The game...
one ui - samsung

How to enable One UI dark mode on Samsung Galaxy phones in 4 steps?

Samsung has now released its One UI update to mostly all its supported Galaxy smartphones. One of the striking feature of the new ONE UI is that it lets you to enable a dark mode...

How to Save Webpages as PDF in Google Chrome

There are times when you find something interesting on the webpage and you want to save that page as PDF rather of bookmarking it. Even sharing PDF is more convenient. But how to save...

How to check if your phone case is blocking signal or not?

Most of the times our phone cases block signals resulting into frustration. In this post you would learn how to check if your phone case blocks the signals or not
Alexa and Apple Music - credits-Wired

How to play Apple Music with Alexa on an Amazon Echo

We all know that Apple Music is one of the Apple's services which is directly in competition with Google Music, Spotify, Saavn, Wynk, etc.. And last year Apple introduced its premium Apple Music service...
Android Q beta update

How to install Android Q Beta on your Pixel?

Android Q is the latest mobile operating system which Google would be launching this year for their flagship smartphones (Pixels 3 and Pixel 4(unreleased)). Google recently pushed Android Q beta 2 updates to the developers...
galaxy buds

2 Best ways :How to replace a lost Galaxy Buds earbud

Well, Galaxy buds are truly one of the cheapest truly wireless buds you can purchase apart from Apple's Airpods. But what if you already have bought one Galaxy buds pair and Alas! you are not...
Ditto : Pokemon GO

How to catch a Ditto in Pokemon Go and which Pokemon can be Ditto?

Welcome to another Pokemon Go Guide and in this guide i am going to tell you in which disguise Ditto can be found in the game throughout all the generations of Pokemon About Ditto Ditto is...