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RCS Message on Android

How to enable RCS messaging on your Android smartphone?

What is RCS messaging? You might have used or have known Apple’s iMessage App which is similar like any other messaging app but has all other features such as sending payments, emojis, sending pictures, videos , playing games

Partner Title in PUBG Mobile

How to get Partner Title in PUBG Mobile in 5 minutes?

This is the new title that PUBG Mobile has introduced in October 2019 update. The title name is “Partner”. What is Partner Title in PUBG Mobile? This is a title you can get if you play with someone a

Replace Apple Airpods

How to replace Apple Airpods?

Apple Airpods are one of the finest truly wireless earphones in the market, but with great gadgets comes the great reponsibilities. Apple Airpods are tiny and they can be misplaced very easily or you might have broken your

Google Home Audio Recording deletion

How to delete Google Assistant audio recordings?

You would know that Google Assistant is one of the best assistant in terms of speech detection and result displaying.It is also known that Google Home devices are always on and are listening to the household conversations too

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