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Kindle Paperwhite

How can I extend my Kindle Paperwhite battery life?

Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite is one of the boon for the avid book readers all around the globe.With Amazon’s Kindle e-book store built within  and good battery life the device it gives the reader a wide array of options

MacBook Keyword shortcuts

60+ best Complete List of MacBook Keyword shortcuts

If you want to increase the productivity in office work then you should know keyword shortcuts as this will save your lot of times. We have listed all the MacBook keyword shortcuts that enhance your workflow. Although in

How to Enable and Disable Alexa skills

Amazon apart from its retail website is a lot big company.It powers most of the internet today that we see. It also has a space company whose aim is to ship people to mars.. just like SpaceX. Alexa

How to Activate Dark Mode

How to Activate Dark Mode on Youtube Desktop & App

What is Dark Mode or Night Mode? As now majority of the phones sport an OLED display, manufacturers are trying to embed dark themes in their Apps and software so as the battery is consumed less and the

who deleted you from friend list in Facebook

How to know who deleted you from friend list in Facebook?

Its social world, tons of people today interconnect and socialize with each other and exchange information or data. Facebook is one of the most successful social networking sites in recent times. Facebook allows only a limited number of

WhatsApp without saving the contact

How to send a WhatsApp without saving the contact

Can you WhatsApp without saving contact? Yes, you can WhatsApp user without saving the contact. Just Type this link search bar: (In place of Xs type the phone) WhatsApp, the most popular communication app lets you chat

How to Save Webpages as PDF in Google Chrome

How to Save Webpages as PDF in Google Chrome

There are times when you find something interesting on the webpage and you want to save that page as PDF rather of bookmarking it. Even sharing PDF is more convenient. But how to save pages as PDF in

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