Huawei’s upcoming foldable phone leaked ahead of MWC

Two days back Samsung unveiled its own new Galaxy flagship called Galaxy Fold along with new Galaxy line up of S10, S10+, and S10E.

It is noticed that Huawei is also launching its next-generation foldable phone with the name Mate X.

Mate X would be single screen foldable phone. It is worth to know that the phone is designed according to Google’s plan for foldable phones. So you can expect a sleek UI for your Android experience.

Mate X would support 5G out of the box. Folding screens would have a plastic cover. The company would hold an event for the same on Sunday. But according to a few sources, it would also be pricey around 1800 USD dollars. or maybe more than the Samsung’s Foldable phone which costs around 1980 USD dollars approx.

Do you think that Huawei’s phone would give competition to Galaxy Fold?

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