Instagram Lite having size of less than 1MB launched on Android with all essential features

Instagram launched its lite version of Android app today on Google Play store. Lite version of the app has the size of just 573KB only ( yes 573KB, you read it right). The app is very useful for the users who have a very limited amount of storage in their devices and also for the users with some older devices.

Image result for instagram lite

The size of the app is small but it has all the essential features of the main app and also looks very similar to the main app. Users can upload photos and videos using different filters, post stories, check stories of friends but the lite version of the app does not include the messaging feature. So, users can not send direct messages to friends using Instagram Lite. Messaging feature may be included in later updates.

Instagram already included some new features (Instagram TV, video chat and changes in stories) in the main version of the app. Instagram Lite may not be currently available in your country as it is rolling out in batches. So, wait until it is available in your country.

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