iOS 12.1.3 Beta 4 Released for Developers and Public Tester

Is the new ios beta update good enough? Let's find out.

On 10th January, Apple seeded the fourth beta of the iOS 12.1.3 to public testers and developers. As the third beta, released on the 7th of January, didn’t have really any significant or mention-worthy updates, Apple released another beta within the next 4 days.

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When updated by the developers, it is seen to have taken 106 MB of memory. Though Apple didn’t claim any great improvements with these Beta, there are a few bug fixes that cannot go unnoticed.

There are no changes for the iPad, unfortunately. This beta version just has a few minor improvements for an iPhone.

Apple looks to be fixing the wifi and cellular issues as it has been working on the ‘modem firmware’. Many developers noticed a change in their Modem Firmware number.

The latest beta was great for the newer iPhones, i.e, 7 and up. The battery life seemed to have been promising in the beta 3 itself and there is nothing new in the beta 4. 6-8 hours screen time if promised on an iPhone whose battery health is a 100%. After the 6-8 hours, there will still be about a small percentage of battery left. Such long-lasting battery in an iPhone is the dream, right?

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The only glitch that can be noticed in beta 4 is in the older iPhones. The older iPhones, like iPhone 5 seem to have slowed down after the new update.

That’s all you have to know about the iOS 12.1.3 beta 4. Yes, there aren’t many new features in the beta 4 as well.

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