iOS 14 Battery Drain issue Acknowledged by Apple, but no quick or easy fix in place yet.

Apple has published a support document on its website that provides a workaround for fixing poor battery performance after updating to iOS 14. The new document comes just after the Cupertino company saw several users reporting battery life issues even after updating their iPhone to iOS 14.0.1. Apple said in a document that erasing all content and settings from the iPhone running on iOS 14 might help reviving its battery life.


The support document lists seven issues that users might have faced after installing iOS 14.0 and watchOS7.0. while the six initial issues are related to the missing health and workout data as well as inaccuracy of the data available on the fitness app or health app, the most important issue mentioned in the document is specifically related to the increased battery drain problem. This looks like a very big issue, if we look at the user complaints on social media.

The company has noted in the document that if you are amongst the affected users and experiencing two or more of the enlisted issues, one needs to unpair their iPhone and your Apple Watch, backup to iCloud, and erase all content stored on your iPhone. After that the company has recommended restoring your iPhone and Apple Watch from the recent backups.

This is not possibly the first time apple is facing such complaints around the battery performance through its new iOS release. It faced similar issues with some of the big iOS updates in the past as well. However, it seems a little interesting that the company wasn’t able to address the battery draining as well as the health and workout data related issues- despite bringing iOS14.0.1 as a bug fix update.

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