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iotty Smart Switch – Complete Review

Iotty Smart Switch
iotty Smart Switch - Complete Review 2

The smart home industry is rapidly evolving with a plethora of innovative devices vying for consumers’ attention. Among these, the iotty Smart Switch stands out for its elegant design and advanced features. This review dives into the details of this product, examining its merits and exploring user feedback.

A Brief Introduction to the iotty Smart Switch

The iotty Smart Switch is a Wi-Fi-enabled light switch that boasts a sleek design and versatile functionality. It’s more than just a light switch; it’s a smart home device that integrates seamlessly with popular voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, giving users a hands-free light control experience.

Design and Aesthetics: Modern and Sleek

The visual appeal of the iotty Smart Switch is one of its most commendable aspects. Available in single, double, and triple-gang configurations, each switch comes with a tempered glass plate, exuding a modern and sophisticated look that can elevate any room’s aesthetics.

You can choose from five colors: white, black, gray, tan, or blue, to match your decor.

One striking design feature is the dimmable backlight that gives off a soft glow on the wall behind the glass, making the switch easy to locate in the dark. This feature has garnered positive feedback from users who find it useful as a night light, adding to the overall aesthetics of the switches.

Integration with Smart Assistants: Enhancing Convenience

The iotty Smart Switch integrates smoothly with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home.

This integration allows users to control their lights with simple voice commands, a feature that has been positively received for enhancing convenience.

However, it’s worth noting that the switches do not work with Apple’s HomeKit technology, which may limit their appeal to users within the Apple ecosystem.

Performance and Stability: Reliable and Improving

Reports from users indicate that the 2nd generation iotty Smart Switches have shown improvements in stability and connection. This suggests that the product is continuously evolving and improving to meet user expectations. The switches’ performance has been lauded for their reliability and responsiveness. A simple touch is all it takes to turn the lights on or off instantly.

Features of iotty smart switches

New Dimmer FeatureMake any Gen 2 switch dimmable.
Activity NotificationsGet notifications to see what’s happening at home.
Share with Other UsersShare access to iotty switches with household members.
Away ModeActivate iotty randomly to create the appearance of being home.
Activity DependentUse Wi-Fi to create groups of multi-way switches or use a central button to control them all.
Wi-Fi TriggerTurn on iotty when your smartphone connects to a specific Wi-Fi network.
Geolocation TriggerActivate iotty when you enter a specific geographical area.
Sunrise/Sunset TriggerAutomatically activate iotty at sunrise or sunset.
Weather-Based ActivationTurn on iotty based on specific weather conditions.
Time-Based ActivationSet iotty to turn on at a specific time.

Installation: Straightforward and User-friendly

The installation process of the iotty Smart Switches has been highlighted as straightforward and easy. This ease of installation is a crucial factor for a smart home product and contributes to a positive user experience. However, it’s important to note that these switches require a neutral wire, which may not be present in older homes.

Customization: Tailoring to Your Preferences

The iotty Smart Switch comes with an app that allows users to customize various settings. With the app, users can adjust the light’s backlight, schedule their lights, or even set their lights to turn on or off based on the weather. This high level of customization enhances the convenience and user-friendliness of the switches.

Customer Service: Quick and Supportive

Positive mentions of the customer service accompanying the iotty Smart Switch suggest a company committed to its customers. Users have reported quick replacements and support during installation, indicating a reliable after-sales service.

Feedback on the iotty Smart Switch

Drawing from user reviews and feedback, the iotty Smart Switch has received a mixed response. While there are several positive aspects, a few concerns have been raised that potential buyers need to consider.

Positive Feedback

The positive feedback revolves around the switch’s sleek and modern design, its integration with smart assistants, its stable performance, and easy installation process.

Users also appreciate the ability to customize settings through the app and the company’s responsive customer service.

Despite a higher price point, many users consider the switches worth the investment due to their features.

Mixed Feedback

On the mixed feedback front, some users have expressed concerns about the dimmer module’s color not matching their previous switches.

While some users appreciate the dimmer module, others have reported a discrepancy in the color (from blue to white), suggesting a preference for consistency in appearance.

Negative Feedback

In terms of negative feedback, some users have expressed concerns about the switches’ long-term durability, reporting issues and replacements after a year or so of use.

Availability issues have also been mentioned, with users finding it difficult to obtain more iotty Smart Switches.

A user has also reported an audible hum with the lights off in a specific configuration, requiring a replacement.

Final Thoughts

The iotty Smart Switch is undoubtedly a stylish and innovative addition to the smart home industry.

While it has its strengths, it also has areas that could be improved upon, such as compatibility with Apple’s HomeKit and long-term durability. However, the innovative features, sleek design, and positive user feedback make it a product worth considering for those looking to integrate smart lighting solutions into their homes.


Easy Installation
Remote Control
Voice Assistant Compatibility
Energy Efficiency


The iotty Smart Switch offers a stylish and user-friendly solution for modern lighting control, with easy installation, remote access, and voice assistant compatibility. While it excels in convenience and design, it could enhance its energy efficiency features for a more comprehensive smart home experience.

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The iotty Smart Switch offers a stylish and user-friendly solution for modern lighting control, with easy installation, remote access, and voice assistant compatibility. While it excels in convenience and design, it could enhance its energy efficiency features for a more comprehensive smart home experience.iotty Smart Switch - Complete Review