iPhone 12 to be made in India in the Middle of 2021

As per a report, Apple is planning to start making the iPhone 12 locally in India. The new manufacturing plan reportedly is kicked off by apple partner Wistron sometime in the middle of next year. The Cupertino giant is already assembling several of its existing iPhone models in the country. The models include iPhone and iPhone XR along with models iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. Wistron started assembling iPhone models in the country back in May 2017.

Iphone 12 to be made in india in the middle of 2021
iPhone 12 to be made in India in the Middle of 2021 2

The iPhone 12 which is yet to be formally announced by apple will the seventh iPhone model to be made in India as stated by business standards, the manufacturing would take place at Wistron’s Karnataka facility.

The report by business standards also states that Wistron has plans to hire some 10000 workers at a new facility in a proper manner to expand the local manufacturing process.

At present, the facility has a headcount of around 1000 workers. But the contract manufacturer is said to have a planned investment of over Rs.2900 crores to bolster its operations.

Apple has so far localized the production of five iPhone models in the country with iphone11 being the latest model that got made in India treatment in July. Wistron is also planning to begin manufacturing the iPhone SE in the country sometime by the end of this year.

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