iPhone 17 Pro Max: Apple’s First with Triple 48MP Camera

According to the latest note from Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple iPhone 17 Pro Max will have an improved 48-megapixel tetraprism camera that can take amazing photos and will have a better camera than the previous iPhone series.

iPhone 17 Pro Max Apples First with Triple 48MP Camera
iPhone 17 Pro Max: Apple's First with Triple 48MP Camera 2

It will have a bigger sensor, which means it can capture more light and take clearer pictures.

The iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max, coming later this year, will feature special zoom lenses. You will reportedly be able to zoom in 5x more without losing image quality.

The New Camera Needs Special Parts

The super-zoom camera in iPhone 17 Pro Max requires new special parts called prisms.

These will be smaller than the previous series so that they don’t protrude too much from the back of the phone.

Apple designers are working hard to get the prism just right to make it more powerful and fit into the sleek and thin design of the new iPhone.

All these new camera updates, iPhone 17 Pro Max could be the first iPhone to have three really powerful 48-megapixel cameras.