Rumors are there for so long that Apple will release a larger iPhone X Plus model this fall. But we may have found the best confirmation of the new device: a leaked icon found in Apple’s own firmware. The icon resembles so much to the new phone. Apple firmware reverse-engineer Guilherme Rambo was the first one to notice the change. He also noticed another leaked icon for bezel-less iPad that was leaked through the latest iOS 12 beta earlier.

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Rambo warns that the icons are in early stage and unfinished. Therefore, it is not wise to infer these as a definite indication of the appearance of the new device. Additionally, it is noted that the iPad icon is rendered as a square to be easily adjustable for both sizes. Thus, don’t expect a square iPad just now.

iPhone X Plus confirmed by iOS 12 Beta 1 iPhone X Plus confirmed by iOS 12 Beta 3 iPhone X Plus confirmed by iOS 12 Beta 5

This is not the first time when Apple has accidentally leaked an iPhone design via an icon. The iPhone X went through the same thing last summer.