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Kinsta Review 2024: Google Cloud WordPress Hosting

Why would you not prefer Kinsta over other hosting companies if it is rated as the best one (by CodeinWP)? 

Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting provider which provides Premium hosting for all. Started in the year 2013, Kinsta has been working hard to become the first choice of every WordPress user. 

Is it successful or not?  Just read the review and you will know the answer to this question.

Kinsta Review
Kinsta Review 2024: Google Cloud Wordpress Hosting 3

Starting with the best feature of all:


Through this platform, Kinsta gives you the chance to host your website on a state-of-the-art infrastructure with the choice of 20 global server locations (and many more yet to come). Whereas hosting services like SiteGround can offer users only 5 centers across 3 continents.

Here, you have the option to choose your data center which will help to keep latency lesser and load time volatile.

So, are you ready to run WordPress at the speed of google?


If you go through the plans of Kinsta, you will discover it to be not so cheap. So, you will definitely expect the best service out of this plan.

Only the best value entry-level shared hosts offer 99.9% levels of uptime, Kinsta being one of them. Heard about Kinsta’s uptime guarantee (supported by SLA)? It basically means that you will receive a credit of 5% of your total bill for each hour if the company fails to correct the error response codes within 30 minutes. Isn’t this great?

Going to the site speed, Kinsta has been rated as “A” by both Bitcatcha and Webpage test. Kinsta boosts its Google- based architecture for its speed. Technologies like Nginx, PHP 7, LXD software containers and MariaDB serves for the speed-obsessed architecture of Kinsta.


Kinsta offers the best support team consisting of experts i.e. veteran WordPress developers and Linux hosting engineers. It’s heard that they hire only 1% of applicants who apply here.

A 24/7 live chat channel and ticketing system is available, which is ever ready to remove every tinge of doubt from your mind.


WordPress is prone to get attacked. So, a strong security service is required which is provided by Kinsta.

The company detects DDoS attacks, monitors uptime every two minutes and proactively stops malicious code from entering the network.

Kinsta also supports two-factor authentication, GeoIP blocking and automatically ban IPs that have more than 6 failed login attempts in a minute.

A hell lot more secure than you thought. Right!!


Kinsta provides you a safe aura to modify your websites, edit codes and experiment your new plugins through a staging service. You get the chance to firstly test your website in isolation and  then, extend it to the outside world. 

The unique feature is that you can switch between different PHP versions without any downtime or service migrations requirement.


To manage the account, Kinsta has created its own custom dashboard. This portal is very easy to navigate and allows you to perform tasks such as:

  • Creating new WordPress websites
  • Updating any plugins you have installed on your site
  • Managing backups

Hosting companies with their own custom dashboard is generally not preferred. But, MyKinsta portal is built and managed with a really professional outlook.

The user interface of MyKinsta portal has eye-catching design of charts and layouts, with an overall simple yet extraordinary appearance. 


Kinsta provides free daily backups irrespective of the plans. You can even create a manual backup for a particular site in your control panel at the click of a button.

Entry- level plans will keep your website automatically backed-up for 14 days and for longer duration in case of higher plans. For safeguarding, you can even download these backups.


A feature which is really important for the convenience of WordPress users . Kinsta offers the benefit of free migration to its customers in contrast to WP Engine which does not have this feature.

You don’t need to worry at all as the company experts will take care of everything. Your site migration will be done and checked by the best of people at zero cost.

Kinsta hosting service even prevents you from the fear of financial risk . Instead of providing the benefit of free trial, Kinsta provides a better feature: 30- day money back guarantee. Well, I really doubt you guys are ever gonna avail this feature.


Kinsta Review
Kinsta Review 2024: Google Cloud Wordpress Hosting 4

All plans include a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate as well as CDN access.

Brief description:

  • Starter- $30/month, 1 WordPress install, 20,000 visits and 10 GB disk space.
  • Pro- $60/month, 2 WordPress installs, 40,000 visits, 20 GB disk space.
  • Business (4 plans)- Starting from $100, 3 WordPress installs and 30 GB disk space.
  • Enterprise (4 plans)– Starting from $600, 60 WordPress installs, 1,000,000 visits and 100 GB disk space.

With the upgrading of plans, there is no change in the performance of websites. Each plan has access to the same infrastructure, powered by the Google Cloud Platform. 

Better to pay annually rather than monthly if you wish to avail two months free offer.

However, there are two main types of overage fees:

  • Visit overage fees-$1 per 1,000 visits
  • CDN overage charge- $0.10 per GB 

As nothing is perfect, I would like to brief you with the cons of using Kinsta:

  1. No Email service
  2. Banned plugins(some being popular)
  3. No phone support included in the Help and Support service


With almost all the areas covered,now you must have a rough idea of why to choose Kinsta hosting.

A very reliable, secured, ultra fast hosting company based on the Google based platform. Well, it isn’t cheap but the hosting service is worthy enough for this amount to be invested on it. 

Kinsta never stops improving and therefore, constantly in development. It’s  genuinely impressive features like automatic daily backups, own MyKinsta portal and handy staging environment are meant to be given a shot.

Just give Kinsta a chance and it will prove itself.

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