Logitech has introduced a brand new Wireless charger for iPhones specifically. The pre-booking of the charger has started for $79.99 on the Logitech official website.

The company has designed the Powered Wireless Charging Stand with Apple. The end product seems a perfect inspiration for how Apple should have released the wireless charger with iPhone X.

The best part about the charger is its innovative design. With most of the wireless chargers, people face the problem of placing the phone correctly. The charger only works in a specific area. Small events like – nudging, vibrations, or dropping the phone can stop the flow. Logitech clearly deals with this problem with its stand-like wireless charger.

But hey! This is not new. Well, you can use the charger, both, vertically and horizontally (for watching movies while on phone charges). The perfect angle of the stand makes it easier for quick glances to unlock and viewing notifications on the iPhone X.

Coming to the aesthetics of design, the pad is made of sturdy, grippy plastic to hold the phone tight. The U-shaped cradle has rubberized surface and minimizes the vibrations of the phone.

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Logitech debuts in Wireless charging for iPhones 1

The charger brings the full ambience of an Apple product with the white color scheme and machined grooves. Even the notches are similar to what you see from something ‘Apple’. No doubt, any other Qi-compatible device would work the same with it. However, the Apple-like feel, a premium price tag, and 7.5 W wireless fast-charging used by Apple –makes it a good choice only for iPhone users. Other users should look for much better alternatives.

If you are not an iPhone user, then at the price tag of $79.9, there are many chargers with USB-C or micro USB. They have faster-charging abilities, less likely to break, and lower prices.

For the iPhone users, the charger is only compatible with the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X. The product is worth a shot before Apple’s official AirPower pad.

Logitech debuts in Wireless charging for iPhones 3