microsoft edge
microsoft edge

Its been a while that Microsoft’s web browser has not got any attention..The Edge browser received good response but again, Chrome browser still managed to maintain its popularity throughout..

Microsoft Edge Insider
Microsoft Edge Insider

In 2018 , Microsoft announced that  Edge browser would use Google Chrome (or more specifically, Chromium) as a base. and today its official.The browser is only available for Windows 10 at the moment, but support for other platforms (including Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and macOS) will come later.

Microsoft has also  been working with Google engineers to get the browser working on Qualcomm-based Windows laptops.

Some of the features (from Microsoft Blog):-

  • Modern accessibility APIs. To enable a better accessibility experience for screen readers, like Windows Narrator, magnifiers, braille displays, and other accessibility tools, we’ve shared our intent to implement support for the Microsoft UI Automation interfaces, a more modern and secure Windows accessibility framework, in Chromium. We’re partnering with Google’s Accessibility team and other Chromium engineers to land commits and expect the full feature to be completed later this year.
  • High contrast. To ensure our customers have the best readability experience, we’re working in the W3C CSS working group to standardize the high-contrast CSS Media query and have shared our intent to implement it in Chromium. This will allow customers to use the Windows Ease of Access settings to select their preferred color contrast settings to improve content readability on Windows devices.
  • HTML video caption styling. We’ve partnered with Chromium engineers to land support for Windows Ease of Access settings to improve caption readability on Windows 10.
  • Caret browsing. For customers who use their keyboard to navigate the web and select text, we’ve shared our intent to implement caret browsing in Chromium.
  • We’re starting to work with our Chromium counterparts to improve the accessibility of native web controls, like media and input controls. Over time we expect this work will help Chromium earn a perfect score on the HTML5 Accessibility browser benchmark.
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