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How to Mint Chocolate in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Mint Chocolate in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a vibrant, exciting world full of intricate details, and the ability to craft in-game items like the much sought-after Mint Chocolate adds another layer of depth and fascination to this gaming experience. This guide will take you on a detailed journey of how to unlock the cooking feature, gather necessary ingredients, and finally, create the delectable mint chocolate in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Mint Chocolate in Disney Dreamlight Valley? 2

A Brief Overview

The enchantment of Disney Dreamlight Valley is woven into its myriad of captivating activities and attractions. Among these, a cherished gem is the opportunity to delve into the realm of culinary artistry and craft delectable virtual delicacies, such as the renowned Mint Chocolate. This guide is designed to be your trusted companion, guiding you through a complete journey from initiating the cooking feature to the ultimate achievement – the creation of the sumptuous Mint Chocolate.

Your odyssey in Disney Dreamlight Valley begins with the unlocking of the cooking feature, an essential step towards mastering the art of Mint Chocolate creation. As you embark on this gastronomic adventure, the Mint Chocolate in Disney Dreamlight Valley will become your muse, inspiring creativity and culinary finesse. Discovering the precise blend of minty freshness and rich chocolatey decadence is the essence of this endeavor.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, Mint Chocolate isn’t merely a dessert; it’s a masterpiece waiting to be crafted. Each step along the way brings you closer to the tantalizing creation, promising a sweet symphony of flavors in a world filled with enchantment and wonder. So, let’s embark on this culinary journey together and unlock the magic of Mint Chocolate in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Unlocking the Cooking Feature

The fascinating world of cooking in Disney Dreamlight Valley is not readily available to players. It requires unlocking through certain methods.

Completing Quests

To delve into the world of cooking within the enchanting realm of “Mint Chocolate in Disney Dreamlight Valley,” you can embark on a culinary journey through a series of quests. These quests serve as your culinary roadmap, leading you to the heart of gastronomic adventures known as Mickey Mouse’s Foodeception.

Upon successfully accomplishing these quests, you’ll not only unveil the coveted stove, a key tool for your culinary endeavors, but you’ll also acquire valuable insights and expertise related to farming and cooking within the captivating game universe. It’s through these quests that you’ll truly unlock the art of cooking and its intricacies in the magical realm of “Mint Chocolate in Disney Dreamlight Valley.”

Purchasing a Stove

If you’re not a fan of completing quests in the game “Mint Chocolate in Disney Dreamlight Valley,” there’s an alternative way to obtain items. You can opt for the direct purchase method, which involves using star coins as currency. You can earn star coins by selling items to Goofy, a character in the game.

Once you’ve gathered a sufficient number of star coins, you’ll gain access to Scrooge McDuck’s Shop. However, this shop is currently in need of some repairs, so you’ll have to fix it up before you can use it to purchase your stove.

Crafting a Stove

In “Mint Chocolate in Disney Dreamlight Valley,” if you’re someone who enjoys expressing their creativity, you have the option to craft your own stove. There are various stove types available in the game, and each one requires specific items for crafting. Here’s a breakdown of the stoves and the materials needed for their creation:

Stove Types:

  1. Black / Grey Gas Stove
  • Requirements:
    • 12 Iron Ingot
    • 2 Glass
  1. Black Flat Top Stove
  • Requirements:
    • 10 Iron Ingot
    • 3 Glass
    • 1 Black Passion Lily
  1. Gray Flat Top Stove
  • Requirements:
    • 10 Iron Ingot
    • 3 Glass
  1. Pale Gray Flat Top Stove
  • Requirements:
    • 10 Iron Ingot
    • 3 Glass
  1. Pale Gray Gas Stove
  • Requirements:
    • 12 Iron Ingot
    • 2 Glass

You can choose the stove type that suits your preferences and then gather the specified materials to craft it. This creative aspect of the game allows you to personalize your cooking setup in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Gathering Ingredients

To prepare your delicious Mint Chocolate treat in the enchanting Disney Dreamlight Valley, follow these steps for a clearer understanding:

  1. Unlock the Stove: First, make sure you’ve unlocked the stove where you’ll be cooking your Mint Chocolate in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
  2. Collect Ingredients from Crops: Head to your farm and start cultivating and harvesting crops. These crops will yield some of the essential ingredients you need for your Mint Chocolate.
  3. Shop at Goofy’s Stall: Pay a visit to Goofy’s stall in the valley. Here, you can purchase some of the ingredients that may be missing from your collection. Goofy is known for stocking a variety of items, so be sure to check his stall for any necessary ingredients.
  4. Visit Remy’s Restaurant: Another great place to acquire ingredients for your Mint Chocolate is Remy’s Restaurant. Explore the menu and purchase any missing items you need to complete your recipe.
  5. Scour the Valley for Hidden Items: Keep an eye out for hidden items scattered around Disney Dreamlight Valley. You might stumble upon some ingredients while exploring the magical surroundings. Don’t forget to explore thoroughly!

By following these steps, you’ll have all the ingredients you need to whip up a delightful batch of Mint Chocolate in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Enjoy your culinary adventure!

Crafting Mint Chocolate in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To craft the delectable treat known as “Mint Chocolate in Disney Dreamlight Valley,” you’ll need to obtain four essential ingredients. Let’s break down the process and discover where and how to procure each of them:

  1. Mint: To begin, you’ll need to acquire fresh mint leaves. These can be found flourishing in the lush gardens of Disney Dreamlight Valley, specifically near the Enchanted Meadow. Gently pluck a handful of these aromatic leaves, being careful not to damage the plant.
  2. Sugarcane: The next ingredient on our list is sugarcane, which serves as the sweet foundation of our mint chocolate. Head over to the Sugarcane Grove, an enchanting spot within Disney Dreamlight Valley. Harvest a mature sugarcane stalk by using a sharp knife or machete. Make sure to cut it close to the base for the sweetest extract.
  3. Butter: Butter adds a creamy richness to our mint chocolate. To obtain this ingredient, visit the tranquil Butterflies’ Haven, a serene corner of the valley. There, you’ll find a charming dairy farm. Milk one of the happy, contented cows and then churn the milk into fresh butter using the provided butter churn.
  4. Cocoa Bean: Last but certainly not least, the cocoa bean is what infuses our mint chocolate with its distinctive chocolatey flavor. Head to the shaded Cocoa Grove, located deep within Disney Dreamlight Valley. Carefully pluck ripe cocoa pods from the cacao trees. Then, extract the cocoa beans from the pods and allow them to ferment and dry.

Let’s delve into the specific locations and methods to gather these ingredients.

To obtain the crucial ingredient, mint, for your mint chocolate in the Disney Dreamlight Valley game, follow these steps:

1. Find Mint in Frosted Heights:

  • Mint, a vital component for your mint chocolate, is available in the Frosted Heights biome of the game world.
  • However, players can only access the Frosted Heights biome after unlocking the Forest of Valor.

2. Locate Sugarcane:

  • Sugarcane is another essential ingredient.
  • You can acquire it by either purchasing it from Goofy’s stall or planting it.
  • After planting, it takes approximately seven minutes for sugarcane to reach full maturity.

3. Obtain Butter:

  • Unlike the other ingredients, you cannot find or grow butter; it must be purchased.
  • Remy’s Restaurant is where you can buy butter, and it costs 190 Star coins.

4. Harvest Cocoa Beans:

  • The final ingredient, Cocoa Beans, can be found in two different biomes: Sunlit Plateau and Glade of Trust.
  • Cocoa Bean trees in these biomes produce more beans every 30 minutes.
  • Each harvest yields 3 Cocoa Beans, which you’ll need for your delicious mint chocolate creation in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Creating Mint Chocolate in Disney Dreamlight Valley

When you’ve got everything you need for making Mint Chocolate in Disney Dreamlight Valley, it’s time to start the cooking process. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown to make it easier to follow:

  1. Gathering Ingredients: First, make sure you have all the necessary ingredients for your virtual mint chocolate.
  2. Setting Up the Stove: Get your virtual stove ready. Ensure it’s clean and in good working condition.
  3. Adding Ingredients: Begin by adding each ingredient to the stove one at a time. This means carefully pouring or placing them into the cooking vessel on the stove.
  4. Cooking: Once all the ingredients are in, turn on the stove to the appropriate heat level. Allow the mixture to cook for a few minutes. This is when the magical transformation takes place as the ingredients blend and meld together.
  5. Monitoring: Keep a close eye on your virtual mint chocolate as it cooks. You want to make sure it doesn’t burn or overcook. Stirring occasionally might be necessary to ensure even cooking.
  6. Checking Readiness: After a few minutes, check for visual cues. Your virtual mint chocolate should have a smooth and creamy texture, and it should emit a delightful aroma that fills Disney Dreamlight Valley.
  7. Serving: Once your mint chocolate reaches the desired consistency and flavor, it’s time to serve. You can virtually scoop it into your favorite serving dish or mug.
  8. Enjoyment: Now comes the best part – savoring your delicious virtual mint chocolate in the enchanting atmosphere of Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Remember, creating mint chocolate is not just about the end result; it’s also about the experience and the joy it brings to your virtual world. So, take your time and relish every moment of the process.


Mastering the art of cooking in Disney Dreamlight Valley is an engaging journey. The satisfaction of gathering the necessary ingredients and finally crafting the desired dish is immense. This guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough to making one of the most sought-after recipes in the game – Mint Chocolate.

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