Netflix cheaper plans available for India now

With the boom of mobile internet 4G connection in India, thanks to Jio, more and more people are now using the internet. As we know already that Amazon provides the Prime video services at 1000 INR per year, whereas before today, Netflix was providing its service at 500 INR minimum per month.

To penetrate the Indian mobile users market, Company has taken the step to launch a new cheaper streaming plan, especially for India. It offers SD resolution streaming to one phone or tablet at a time for ₹199 per month. Smart Downloads will be available for people who would like to watch films in low-signal areas. Furthermore, the Company has optimized its Android app to reduce load times and to suit lower-spec devices.

How to get a cheaper streaming plan for Netflix?

  • Download the Netflix app or visit the website
  • Select the mobile plan for INR 199/month
  • Add account details and try the first month for free (for new members)
Netflix choose the plan
Netflix New plans

Also, Netflix states that they have adjusted the prices for other plans also and now the new pricing is as follows

Choose the plan that’s right for you

Mobile – INR 199/month

Basic – INR 499/month

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Standard – INR 649/month

Premium – INR 799/month

Final Words

With this step, Netflix is now directly competing with Amazon Prime Video. It would try to fetch more and more consumers because India is a growing country with increasing internet data consumption.

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