New Face ID Design: iPhone 16’s Coolest Rumor Yet!

According to the rumours, Apple is working on upgrading the Face ID design of Apple iPhone 16 series which will be launched in September 2024.

There are a lot of changes coming in Apple design this year and it will be supported by iOS 18 with other upgrades like camera updates, new chipset in iPhone 16 series.

New Face ID Design iPhone 16s Coolest Rumor Yet
Apple New Face ID design in iPhone 16 series

iPhone 16: New Face ID design

The rumours of a new Face ID come at a time when Apple has severed ties with semiconductor company Coherent. While many have claimed that there will be an under-screen Face ID in the iPhone 16 Pro model.

The new Face ID design may allow for:

  • Wider angle recognition: Users can unlock their iPhone from more angles compared to the iPhone 15 series.
  • Faster processing: It will be faster than previous series and it will be easier for users to unlock the iPhone 16 in low light conditions.
  • Enhanced security: As AI enters the market, Apple security will also improve, making it harder to open iPhones that try to use spoofing techniques.
  • Smaller notch: The Face ID components could be smaller in the iPhone 16, allowing for a less intrusive notch, or possibly even hiding the sensors underneath the display, with rumours also suggesting an under-screen Face ID in the iPhone 16 Pro model.

These changes are still not clear as there is no official report from Apple, but these improvements in the camera may give a tough competition in the market.

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