We can see an early launch of Samsung Galaxy Note9 in July or August 2018. A leaked video of Galaxy Note9 shows that the device will have slightly minimal bezel than its predecessor and position of sensors at the top is also changed. Some of the sensor cutouts are larger than the previous device.

Picture allegedly shows screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The leaked video is from SlashLeaks which shows top and bottom bezels are even more slashed and different sensor cutouts this means as already hinted, Samsung might introduce a new Truedepth camera or FaceID sensor in Note9 like iPhone X but all of this is not confirmed as there are no leaks about sensors in Note9.

We can expect the launch of Galaxy Note9 in last week July of 2018. Galaxy Note9 will come in 512 GB variant with 8GB of RAM. This time Samsung could increase the battery capacity of Note series so we can see 4000 mAh battery in Galaxy Note9.