Nubia Alpha

Last past week we have seen futuristic devices such as S10 line up and Huawei Mate X, but now beating this competition and the device that is making its round around the tech people is the all-new Nubia Alpha.

You can interact with it using touch, by swiping the screen left to right, and up and down. The icons range from large and clear to tiny and fiddly, with some screens showing lots of information and others being rather plain. Pinching on the screen will close apps. The watch did not have Google Play, and it’s not clear if the watch runs Android.


The cheapest Bluetooth-only Alpha costs 450 euros ($512 U.S.), the 4G e-SIM model(just like latest Apple Watch) is $626 USD Dollars, and the 18K gold eSIM version is $740 USD Dollars


  • Good battery life
  • large screen display
  • Unique product


  • Gesture controls are still not trustworthy
  • Old Snapdragon 2100 processor
  • seems odd on small wrist