OnePlus 6

OnePlus had confirmed its upcoming flagship mobile OnePlus 6T and it would come without a headphone jack (which is disheartening to many), but battery life will improve as a consequence. But company’s co-founder Carl Pei never mentioned about the exact size of the battery. We all were left wondering and hoping for a substantial upgrade over the OP6.

A fresh new image of the OnePlus6T has been leaked. If we trust it, then we can say that the “typical capacity” of the new battery will be 3,700 mAh, and that is reasonable. However, it is not going to give tough competition to other flagships such as Galaxy Note 9, which has a gigantic 4,000 mAh battery. Similarly, Huawei is expected to install 4,000 mAh batteries to Mate 10 Pro and P20 Pro.

Yet, 3,700 mAh is quite a significant jump from OnePlus 6’s 3,300 mAh battery. Also, the phone is expected to have a larger screen than OnePlus 6, but only slightly, to 6.4 inches (with respect to 6.28 inches of OP6). OnePlus 6 had shown above average performance in the proprietary battery life tests. It makes sense to believe that ditching the headphone jack in the sequel would reasonably increase the battery life.

But if we consider the leak, it does not come from a verified source. Chances are that the photo can be a hoax. But why would someone go through this much trouble to just fabricate photos of a battery only? Perhaps, someone would not.

The information on the battery does not clearly mention OnePlus 6T, but OnePlus has been identified as the designer of the non-removable battery. The model number BLP685 also matches the typical labeling scheme of OnePlus’s battery packs. Altogether, these facts indicate that the images are not any hoax but actual leaks. Yet, we cannot say everything with that certainty, it only appears so.


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