Oracle to buy TikTok’s US operations

We all know Tiktok is one of the most famous small duration video creation app. It has been into news after getting banned in countries like India.

Oracle has been selected to purchase TikTok’s US operations over Microsoft — though, according to The Wall Street Journal, the deal won’t be structured as a sale. Minutes before the news broke, Microsoft revealed that it wouldn’t be involved in any deal.

The Wall Street Journal claims that Oracle has been selected over other suitors in the TikTok US bidding war, salvaging the service’s operations ahead of the September 15th ban. However, possibly as a result of China’s objections, the deal won’t be structured as a straight acquisition.

Oracle to buy tiktok's us operations 1
Oracle to buy tiktok

Oracle will instead be named a “trusted tech partner,” and presumably, that will be enough to satisfy national security interests.

In its statement regarding not being selected, Microsoft highlighted that it would have “made significant changes to ensure the service met the highest standards for security, privacy, online safety, and combatting disinformation,” though we have to assume that Oracle will be doing the same if the deal gets US approval.

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Presumably, we’ll hear more about the regarding this don’t-call-it-an-acquisition in the coming days.

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