Pixel 3a vs iPhone XR: The Best Official Guide

Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL are now officially launched by Google. We have already covered its detailed specifications in our previous coverage. In this post, we are going to settle once for all what these two smartphones come up with and for which smartphone you should go for.

Round 1: Specifications

FeaturePixel 3aiPhone XR
Camera12.2 MP
ProcessorSnapdragon 670A12 Bionic
Wireless chargingNoYes
IP ratingNAIP67
SoftwareAndroid 9.0 PieiOS 12
Misc.Rear fingerprint sensorFace ID


If you want a smartphone with more then 64GB internal storage, then forget about Pixel 3a. Although with Pixel 3a you get unlimited storage for your pictures and videos if you a heavy gamer or put a lot of apps. then iPhone XR is the way to go. iPhone XR comes with 64 GB memory with variants as high as providing 256 GB of internal storage

Google didn’t mention anything about the Pixel 3a IP Rating. Both phones run the latest OS offered by the respective manufacturing companies.

If you looking for modern device design and a tall device then iPhone XR should be your choice.

If you are into wireless charging, then also you cant go with Pixel 3a as it does not support the same, whereas on the other side iPhone XR supports wireless charging(although you have to purchase the wireless charger separately)

Round 2: Software Updates

Stock Android OS
Stock Android OS

Google has said that the Pixels would get 2 years of software updates and 3-year security patches, whereas on the other side Apple didn’t say anything regarding the software updates. But referring to past records of giving OTA updates Apple iPhones support at least 3 major updates.

Round 3: Pixel 3a Camera v/s iPhone XR Camera

This is the region where the Pixel 3a dominates from a large gap. The Pixel 3a carries the same camera which is found in the flagship Pixel phones. This means that you would get a good phone having the camera capabilities of a flagship phone.

While the iPhone XR features an excellent camera — complete with a snazzy portrait mode — it simply can’t compete with the Pixel 3a’s low light capabilities.

Round 4: Build Quality

If we see the build quality, We know Apple does a good job in providing the build quality for each and every smartphone it manufactures.

iPhone XR Highlights
iPhone XR Highlights

On the other hand, Pixel 3a has a plastic build.

Round 5: Screen

iPhone XR has the LCD screen which is the reason why it’s less expensive than iPhone XS which sports an OLED screen.

On the other hand, Google’s Pixel 3a sports an OLED screen. Thus less strain on eyes and the viewing experience would be incredibly good on this device

Round 6: Pricing

Its no secret that Apple charges a lot for their all iPhones and iPhone XR is no exception. iPhone XR costs more than Google’s Pixel 3a device

Pixel 3a - The mobile that gets it done in less cost
Pixel 3a – The mobile that gets it done in less cost

For $399, you would get Google Pixel 3a whereas Apple iPhone XR starts at $749 USD dollars.

Final verdict

If you not a photography addict or a photographer, then your quick choice should be iPhone XR without any thought because Apple is giving you the high -end specs in this price.

iOS ecosystem
iOS ecosystem

Whereas if you are into photography and is your main focus, then go for Pixel 3a.

But if you take our word we would say go for iPhone XR as it has more value for money and just because of a camera you should not settle for the less.


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