Home News Pixel 4 leaks :Camera details ,awesome action shots & more

Pixel 4 leaks :Camera details ,awesome action shots & more

The days are coming closer for the Android community to witness the upcoming launch of Google Pixel 4. Google intentionally leaked many things about their upcoming flagship smartphone. Lets see upon the new Pixel 4 leaks in this post.

Google Pixel 4 XL White
Google Pixel 4 XL White

And now there are various images that have surfaced online.Little is known about the new “Motion Mode.” It’s allegedly meant for things like action scenes or sports events when you’re trying to capture fast-moving subjects against a distant, blurry background.

Pixel 4 8x zoom
Pixel 4 8x zoom

The Night Sight improvements aren’t detailed either, though 9to5 is told that it should capture better shots faster on the Pixel 4.

We already had covered some leaks over the top panel of Google Pixel 4 cut offs here

What is the available RAM on Pixel 4?

6GB of RAM presumed to be included in the Pixel 4 has also been confirmed by XDA Developers. It’s still be less than most other flagships, but it’s a good bump over the Pixel 3’s 4GB.

The Unique Selling Point of Pixel 4 device

Google will be bragging about Pixel 4’s ability to take photos of the starry sky, a practice known as astrophotography. It’s still unclear how much better Pixel 4’s Night Sight will be from the leaks surfacing online, but capturing great shots of astronomical objects will apparently be part of their main keynote.

Expected specifications of Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

Both devices are  to be rumored to pack the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, coming with 6GB RAM, 90Hz OLED displays, and the same cameras. The smaller non-XL model is expected to have a 5.7-inch 1080p screen and a 2800mAh battery, while the larger XL model is expected to have a 6.3-inch 1440p screen and a 3700mAh battery.

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