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Pokemon Ultra Beasts: An In-Depth Analysis

The world of Pokemon is vibrant, diverse, and filled with awe-inspiring creatures that challenge the players’ skills and strategies. One such group of intriguing yet formidable beings are known as the Pokemon Ultra Beasts.

These creatures have been the center of attention in various Pokemon games and series due to their unique origins, special abilities, and the challenges they pose.

Pokemon Ultra Beasts
Pokemon Ultra Beasts: An In-Depth Analysis

Origins of Ultra Beasts

The term ‘Ultra Beast’ is a classification used for a special set of Legendary Pokemon that originate from an alternate dimension known as Ultra Space. The Ultra Beasts are not your regular Pokemon. They are extradimensional entities that entered the Pokemon world through Ultra Wormholes, pathways that connect the Pokemon universe to Ultra Space.

The mysterious Ultra Beasts were first introduced to the players in Pokemon Sun and Moon. The Aether Foundation, led by Lusamine, sought to harness the power of these beasts using a creature known as Cosmog to create wormholes. The Ultra Beasts are known for their immense power, making them a significant threat to anyone who encounters them.

The First Encounter: Nihilego

The first Ultra Beast players encounter is Nihilego, also known as UB-01 Symbiont. This encounter happens early in the game when players visit the Aether Foundation. However, due to a jamming signal set up by the foundation, it is impossible to capture Nihilego at this stage. The creature is at Level 27, and its defense gets a significant boost at the start of the battle due to the energy from the Ultra Wormhole.

The players encounter Nihilego again when Lusamine forces Cosmog to create an Ultra Wormhole, causing Ultra Wormholes to open up across the Alola Region. During this event, players also witness Buzzwole (in Pokemon Sun) or Pheromosa (in Pokemon Moon) emerging from a portal and squaring off against Tapu Koko.

The Ultra Beast Hunt

After becoming the champion of the Alola Region, players receive an Enigmatic Card from a mysterious man. This card leads them to a motel on Route 8, where they meet Looker and his boss, Anabel, members of the International Police.

Looker and Anabel are part of a special division known as the UB Task Force, whose mission is to protect people from the Ultra Beasts, investigate their ecology, and either safeguard or destroy these creatures.

Players are roped into this mission to hunt down the Ultra Beasts that have infiltrated the Alola Region. To aid them in their mission, they receive special Beast Balls from Wicke, a member of the Aether Foundation.

These Beast Balls have a high capture rate when used on Ultra Beasts, making them the perfect tool for the task.

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The Ultra Beast Roster

There are several Ultra Beasts, each with its unique abilities and characteristics. Here’s a look at some of the most notable ones:


Stakataka, also known as UB Assembly, is a fortress-like Ultra Beast composed of multiple smaller entities. The legs of this creature are collapsible, allowing it to camouflage itself as a stone tower or wall. This feature makes it a tricky opponent to deal with, especially for unsuspecting trainers.


Pheromosa, dubbed as UB Beauty, is an insect-like Ultra Beast that resembles a lithe woman. It’s incredibly fast and releases a pheromone that leaves anyone affected awestruck. Pheromosa’s reluctance to interact with anything in the Pokemon world might work in favor of those that don’t provoke it.


Blacephalon, or UB Burst, is a clown-like Ultra Beast. It uses its strange appearance to disarm opponents and then uses its primary method of attack – its head explodes. This explosion shocks the opponent, giving Blacephalon the opportunity to absorb its prey’s vitality and regenerate its head.


Naganadel, the evolved form of Poipole, is a dragon-like Ultra Beast. It can store hundreds of liters of poisonous liquid in its abdomen and spray it at opponents using its needles. The venom is extremely adhesive, making it a challenge to remove, and those affected are quickly poisoned.


Buzzwole, known as UB Absorption, is an insect-like Ultra Beast with swollen muscles and incredible strength. It can pulverize a dump truck with a single punch and drain the energy of living beings to enhance its muscular form.


Kartana, or UB Blade, is an Ultra Beast that resembles an origami samurai or a meticulously crafted paper plane. Its paper-thin body is razor-sharp, making it a challenging opponent to face. One swipe from its blade-like arms is said to have cleaved a steel tower in half.


Xurkitree, termed as UB Lighting, is an electrical Ultra Beast that looks like a bundle of sparking wires. It can deliver massive shocks and hijack power plants to recharge and boost its powers. When low on energy, it plugs itself into the ground to absorb electrical currents.


Celesteela, known as UB Blaster, is a massive Ultra Beast that resembles an alien housed inside a metal rocket. It can use its arms to propel itself through the air at incredible speeds. It can also set fire to entire forests using the highly flammable gas stored in its arms.


Guzzlord, the heaviest and largest of all Ultra Beasts, is known as UB Glutton. It possesses an insatiable hunger and is known for devouring anything and everything that crosses its path.


Necrozma is a unique entity among Ultra Beasts. There has been much debate about whether Necrozma qualifies as an Ultra Beast or not. However, the Aether Foundation regards it as one, and it is treated as such in various Pokemon games and series. Necrozma can absorb other Pokemon like Solgaleo or Lunala and gain access to their powers, making it a formidable opponent.


Nihilego, known as UB Symbiont, is considered one of the most dangerous Ultra Beasts. It can inject a neurotoxin into its victims, drawing out their violent tendencies and boosting its powers significantly. Nihilego is a parasite, and its ability to infect and control other beings makes it an immense threat.

Here’s an in-depth analysis of the Ultra Beasts:

Pokemon NameTypeAbilityBase Stats (HP/Atk/Def/SpA/SpD/Spe)OriginUnique Features
NihilegoRock/PoisonBeast Boost109/53/47/127/131/103Ultra Deep SeaOnly Ultra Beast with a dual type
BuzzwoleBug/FightingBeast Boost107/139/139/53/53/79Ultra JungleHighest base Attack and Defense among Ultra Beasts
PheromosaBug/FightingBeast Boost71/137/37/137/37/151Ultra DesertHighest base Speed among Ultra Beasts
XurkitreeElectricBeast Boost83/89/71/173/71/83Ultra PlantHighest base Special Attack among Ultra Beasts
CelesteelaSteel/FlyingBeast Boost97/101/103/107/101/61Ultra CraterOnly Ultra Beast with a dual type
Pokemon NameTypeAbilityBase StatsOriginUnique Features
NihilegoRock/PoisonBeast Boost570Ultra Deep SeaPoisons opponent on contact
BuzzwoleBug/FightingBeast Boost570Ultra JungleIncreases Attack after knocking out an opponent
PheromosaBug/FightingBeast Boost570Ultra DesertIncreases Speed after knocking out an opponent
XurkitreeElectricBeast Boost570Ultra PlantAbsorbs Electric attacks, increasing its Special Attack
CelesteelaSteel/FlyingBeast Boost570Ultra CraterDamages opponent each turn with its Flamethrower ability
KartanaGrass/SteelBeast Boost570Ultra ForestIncreases Attack after knocking out an opponent
GuzzlordDark/DragonBeast Boost570Ultra RuinHeals after eating Berries, even ones that would normally hurt it
PoipolePoisonBeast Boost420Ultra MegalopolisCan evolve into Naganadel
NaganadelPoison/DragonBeast Boost540Ultra MegalopolisIncreases Special Attack after knocking out an opponent
StakatakaRock/SteelBeast Boost570Ultra RuinIncreases Defense after knocking out an opponent
BlacephalonFire/GhostBeast Boost570Ultra MegalopolisIncreases Speed after knocking out an opponent

Ultra Beasts in Pokemon Go

The Ultra Beasts have also made their way into the popular mobile game, Pokemon Go. As part of the “Ultra Beast Arrival” event, players can encounter and catch these powerful creatures. The Ultra Beasts, including Nihilego, Buzzwole, Pheromosa, and others, are expected to make appearances in various timed research tasks and raids.


The Pokemon Ultra Beasts are a captivating addition to the Pokemon universe. Their unique origins, diverse abilities, and the challenges they pose make them an exciting aspect of the Pokemon games.

Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or a newcomer to the Pokemon world, understanding and mastering the Ultra Beasts will surely take your Pokemon journey to a new level.

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