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Powerbeats Pro vs AirPods 2: Which one is better?

Last week Powerbeats Pro was released by the Beats company, now acquired by Apple.So technically its an Apple’s company right now.But today in this post we are going to look at the two wireless earphones. What if you are going for a new wireless earphones and want to stay in Apple ecosystem only then we are here to help you tiny bit in your decision.


Round 1: Specifications

Feature Apple AirPods 2 Powerbeats Pro
Price starting from $160 $250
Battery life 5 hours 9 hours
Battery life with case 24 hours 24 hours
Controls Tap gestures Physical buttons
Hey, Siri Yes Yes
Charging method Lightning (or Qi wireless charging) Lightning
Connection Bluetooth 5.0 through H1 Chip Bluetooth 5.0 through H1 Chip
Fast charging 15 mins = 3 hours 15 mins = 4.5 hours
Custom fit No Yes
Auto pause Yes Yes
Sweat resistant No Yes


On a quick quick you can find out that Powerbeats Pro is pricier then Apple’s AirPods 2.Both the devices give 24 hours of battery backup when used along with the charging case.

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As both wireless earphones are built under Apple’s hood, they both support Hey Siri! voice command to control your devices such as pause,play and change the songs.

Lightning charging method is used for charging both the wireless earphones (Yeah!.. Apple! not moving to universal ports till now :/ )

Round 2: The Charging Case

The charging case of Airpods is smaller then that of Powerbeats Pro, and you might find it more handy to carry (according to me) while you are outside.

Apple Airpods 2 Charging Case
Apple Airpods 2 Charging Case

Round 3: Resistant

There is inclusion of water and sweat resistance. The Apple AirPods 2 earphones have no water resistance and  they aren’t  meant for working out or building up a sweat. Beats states that the Powerbeats Pro is both water and sweat resistant BUT….

There is no IP Rating that is told for PowerBeats Pro

Powerbeats Pro
Powerbeats Pro

Round 4: Connectivity

Both the devices connect seemlessly as obvious that the hardware and software is inbuilt within the same company but the connectivity is not that much great of Powerbeats Pro as compared to Apple Airpods 2.I tried using both and i really found out that in terms of connectivity Airpods still is the king.

Round 5: Colour variants

Airpods just come in one plane white colour,the same colour which was introduced for the generation 1 of Airpods,whereas Powerbeats Pro comes in many colours and you can choose the colour you prefer.


Cons of Powerbeats Pro

powerbeats Pro
powerbeats Pro


  • Bigger Battery Case.
  • Not at par connectivity like Airpods (but still better then rest)
  • If you are in Apple eco system, you might not like this new design for your earphone.

Cons for Apple Airpods 2

Airpods 2
Airpods 2
  • Less battery life then that of Powerbeats Pro
  • No sweat,water resistant.
  • No sound isolation.


Final Words

Both the devices are best at their power as they have same H1 chip inside developed by Apple. But down the line its you who has to use this device.As now a days along with the smartphones, wireless earphones are also become pricey as more and more features get included in these tiny devices.

If you dont do any workout or do jogging, simple go with Apple Airpods 2. But if you go for a jog and music is your partner that time then just go with PowerBeats Pro. There is no brainer.It provides you the comfort level which you need while you jog.People have some doubt that if you jog fastly or run, then your Airpods would fall out.In this case Powerbeats Pro is best in choice due to it’s design.

Apple Airpods 2 For normal people
Powerbeats Pro For joggers and athletes.


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