Prevent spam calls now on the Google’s Phone app

There is no man on earth who does not hate spam calls. They are one of the biggest pains in our daily lives. Even though there is a DND (Do not disturb) service provided by every telephone operator but that is not effective. What about those thousands of websites where your phone number is used to send you promotional details? Your operator’s DND service is not enough.

Google Phone App

Maybe that is why Google’s Phone app now comes with the feature of automatically detecting spam calls and sending them to voicemail directly. The best part is that the phone won’t ring and there won’t be any missed call notification for the filtered-out call. Isn’t it cool?

Does the next question arise what if the spammer leaves a voicemail? In that case, the situation will be the same as when charges are filed on you over back-owed taxes. The voicemail will still go into your inbox. But yes, there will not be any notification. Yet the filtered calls will be visible in the call history and you will be able to check any voicemail you receive.

Oh. And yes! You won’t be annoyed by the constant interruptions the vibrating phone does when a call comes in. This option can be enabled with a small toggle button in the settings of the Phone app.

Currently, the Phone app already filters suspected spam callers by switching the entire phone screen color to red. This works as a clear indicator that you should not pick the phone.

How effective?

However, these features are only good if Google can successfully detect a spam caller. It has been seen that the app fails to identify neighborhood spoofing (Those phone numbers which have the same area code and first few digits of your own phone number).  There is a solution to this problem. Google’s system has an extension via which the users can report the nuisance calls that manage to infiltrate the Phone app filters.

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