All about project GEM Smartphone from Essential company

We all know Essential Phone, which is manufactured by an American technology company and manufacturer founded on November 9, 2015, by Andy Rubin and based in Palo Alto. The company currently sells the Essential Phone. Now GEM smartphone is teased by the founder Andy Rubin on Twitter.

Rumors of an Essential Phone 2 circulated for a bit, but nothing was ever released from this company founded by Andy Rubin.

They recently posted a tweet confirming the works on GEM smartphone


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As you can see from the tweet the tweet does not give any information on the specifications of the GEM smartphone.

Gem Smartphone Colours
Gem Smartphone Colours

As can be seen from the above image GEM smartphone would be coming in a variety of colors such as blue, yellow, pink and green. All would be glossy in nature.

GEM smartphone build details

If zoomed into the images posted in the tweets, There are two buttons on the right side that are likely power and volume buttons for this new  GEM smartphone. It’s clear that the 360 camera accessory from the Essential Phone is not compatible with this new phone.

While the Essential Phone is no longer in stock, it continues to be one of the first devices updated whenever Google releases Android Security and firmware updates for Android phones.

GEM smartphone OS & Applications

On the front, we see a long narrow full-screen display. It is likely this Project GEM device is running a version of Android and looking at the display, we see it connected to AT&T with LTE, Spotify, Phone, Maps (not a Google Maps icon though), Camera, Messages, and Gallery.

According to Wired, Based on geolocation information displayed on the device, the photo appears to be taken from Playground Global, the Palo Alto-based investment firm and engineering lab Rubin founded after he left Google. The map on the device happens to show a route to Palo Alto Airport, where Silicon Valley’s wealthiest park their private aircraft. Post-Google, Rubin also started a smartphone company called Essential. This new product, named Gem, is part of the Essential group.

Other images of GEM smartphone

GEM smartphone Maps
GEM smartphone Maps
Gem Smartphone screen
Gem Smartphone screen

Pricing of GEM smartphone

Right now pricing of this phone is not yet made public. But with the looks of the form factor and previous Essential phone, It might be under 1000 dollars only.

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