pubg prime subscription
pubg prime subscription

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular game of 2018 and in 2019 its still gaining more and more users. This game became so popular that the developers of this game had to reconstruct the game to work for 1GB RAM Android smartphones also.

Last month, PUBG Mobile got its 1st year anniversary update .

The company has now enabled the  Prime and Prime Plus subscription options to the game. The two new options will enable gamers to get access to some exclusive in-game benefits like some amount of free game currency (BP and UC) every day, along with the option to purchase items in-game using BP or Battle Points. There’s a lot of new things game which  have  been  introduced in this update.

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There are two subscriptions.Same for Android and iOS device.

Prime Membership

Those gamers who buy the Prime subscription will get to purchase in-game items like outfits and weapon skins using BP for seven or 30 days.

Also the player would be credited 5 UC daily, which totals to 150 UC at the end of subscription.

Prime Plus Subscribers

  • Able to purchase items using BP but the option could be enabled permanently, or its validity could be a week or a month.
  • Get 10 UC daily, totalling upto 3000 UC at the end of subscription.
  • Instantly receive 3000UC
  • Instantly receive two crate coupons
  • Instantly get a one-day room card, a name change card and 50 percent off while playing the first classic crate lottery.
PUBG prime subscription in India
PUBG prime subscription in India (Click to enlarge)

Pricing of the subscription

Android Pricing

The PUBG Mobile Prime subscription is priced at Rs 85 per month, while the Prime Plus option is available for Rs 400 for the first month and then at Rs 850 per month.

iOS Pricing

The monthly cost for Prime and Prime Plus subscriptions is Rs 79 and Rs 419 respectively but the Prime Plus option will cost Rs 799 from the second month.


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