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2 Best ways :How to replace a lost Galaxy Buds earbud

Well, Galaxy buds are truly one of the cheapest truly wireless buds you can purchase apart from Apple’s Airpods.

But what if you already have bought one Galaxy buds pair and Alas! you are not able to find that tiny bud! Yes! we all make mistakes but now what to do?

galaxy buds- Credit: AndroidCentral
galaxy buds

Solution 1:- Using Samsung dedicated App

Samsung has included a feature called “Find My Earbuds”, which is located within the Galaxy Wearable application.

This should make it easy for you, to find that missing earbud quickly hopefully!. To find that missing earbud

  1. Open the Galaxy Wearable app.
  2. Touch  Find My Earbuds option.
  3. Tap Start.
  4. After the earbud has been located, tap Stop.
  5. When this is completed, there will be a loud beeping noise that will be emitted from your earbuds.
  6. This beeping will gradually get louder for 3 minutes, giving you some time to locate the missing earbud.

Solution 2:- Visit a nearby Service Center

According to Samsung, losing an earbud is not covered under warranty, but you can visit its Service Center in order to purchase a new replacement earbud.

I hope that you find your earbud from the first method only.

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