3 Ways to Run Safe Mode in Windows 10

Windows 10

There would be several times when you would run into problems while using Windows 10 and to diagnose the problem, you have to log in your system in Safe Mode. But how you can run Safe Mode in Windows 10? Let’s Find Out.

What is Safe Mode?

Safe mode is the mode of the OS in which you can diagnose the errors or problems you are facing while running the Windows OS via normal bootup with all services running.

3 Method To Run Safe Mode in Windows 10:

Method 1: From Windows 10 Sign In screen

If you forgot to press combinations of the button during the boot up of your system, then this method would help you out.

On your Login Screen Press Shift and while holding the keypress tap on the Power button. A menu at the corner of the screen would pop up. Click Restart from that Menu.

Then Windows would restart and a blue screen would appear and ask you to select an option. Click on Troubleshoot.

Now select Advanced Option from the new menu.

Choose Startup Settings. If you don’t see this option click on “See more Recovery options”

It would ask for Restart. Click on restart Button.

And  now you would be offered with three options for safe mode

  1. Standard Safe Mode – press the 4 or the F4 key on your keyboard to start it
  2. Safe Mode with Networking – press 5 or F5
  3. Safe Mode with Command Prompt – press either F6

Method 2: The Traditional Method

Caution: This method is not for SSD Drives or UEFI BIOS

Press SHIFT+F8  or F8  during the booting process.

Method 3:- “Shift+Restart” Method

If you are on your desktop and want to Safe Mode Here is the method to do so.

  1. Go to the Start Menu.
  2. Press “Shift+ Restart or Power Button”
  3. Now the same window would open that is explained in Method 1. (Although I have continued with the steps)
  4. Go to Advanced Options.
  5. go to Startup Settings.
  6. Press F4 Key.

I hope you find these methods useful. If one method is not working you can try another two methods which are working perfectly fine.

Note that You can use different modes of Safe Modes in Windows 10.

    • Enable Safe Mode
      In this mode, the operating system is started with the bare minimum of installed drivers and only the main Windows functions are used.
    • Enable Safe Mode with Networking
      In this mode, also the network drivers are started.
    • Enable Safe Mode with Command Prompt
      In this mode, the operating system is started in text mode. This mode requires knowledge of computer commands and is, therefore, more suitable for professional users.

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