Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will cost the same as Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the most sought flagship after the release of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. The price of the new smartphone is set in Korea, as reported. According to the news, the base model of the phone with 128 GB storage will cost 1,094,500 won (about $971.00). Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s base model was released with the same price tag but with half of the storage.

Reports say that Samsung will also release a 512GB version at the price tag of 1,354,000 won (converted into $1,201). This would be expensive than last year’s top model but you get double of the storage. However, reports say that this price is less than what Samsung initially thought of.

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There is no evidence whether the 512GB variant would come with 8GB of RAM as the previous rumors have suggested or not.

Undoubtedly, even if the prices are true, these prices are only applicable to Korea. However, it is safe to assume that in other markets the price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be similar to that of Galaxy Note8. In the United States, the Note 8 started at $929 unlocked, and in the United Kingdom at £869.00

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Also, it is likely that there will be a plethora of offers to make the phone cheaper upon its release. Samsung has started taking reservations for the Galaxy Note 9 on its US website. The company is offering up to $450 discount on the new phone in exchange for your old device. If the cost of the new phone will be the same as the Galaxy Note 8 in the US, then you can get it for $500 with the exchange offer.

Samsung will announce the Galaxy Note 9 on August 9 at a Samsung Unpacked event. The recent rumors suggest that along with increased storage size, Samsung may also bring a bigger battery and a Bluetooth enabled S-Pen.

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