Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ get update for fingerprint sensor performance

This time Samsung is pretty much serious about their new S10 line up that they are providing a quick small bug fix updates to the latest flagship device.

The update appears from the Galaxy Store app, rather than the usual Software update channel and is rather small in size at just 6.9MB. The update patches the software instantly without having to reboot the device.

Tremendous improvement in performance of the fingerprint sensor is noticed post update. The update has made it nearly instantaneous and also work reliably over multiple unlocks. It’s still not fast as the capacitative fingerprint sensor found on on the Samsung Galaxy S10e but it does seem faster than optical fingerprint sensors on other phones like One Plus 6T etc.

According to many people on online tech forums still Samsung Galaxy s10e has not yet got this small update.

We will let you readers know when Samsung Galaxy s10e starts getting this update.

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