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Samsung copies Slo-mo selfies from iPhone 11

Samsung’s latest Android 9 Pie update with the October 2019 security patch also includes slow-motion selfies for the Galaxy S10.

That means that slow-motion selfies isn’t an Android 10-exclusive feature and is available right now on all Galaxy S10’s that have received this update.

One UI 2 brings about a slew of changes, including a new full-screen gesture control (that’s in addition to the ones already available on these phones), tweaked UI elements that are less obtrusive in daily use, and enhanced dark mode that better themes elements like the text on the lock screen.

slofie introcued by Apple in 2019 event
selfie introduced by Apple in 2019 event

How to get Android 10 update on Galaxy Phones

  • Go over to the Samsung Members app
  • If you live in one of the countries in which Samsung is testing Android 10, you’ll be able to opt into the beta right on the main screen.
  • As can be expected for a significant OS update, you’ll need to download a large file.

Pro tip: Keep your battery mostly (or entirely) charged, and give it a bit of time to finalize the install before you can dive into the new software update.

Quality of slo-mo selfies

It’s evident from the beta testing that the performance and quality don’t seem to be on par with Apple’s offering on the latest line up of iPhones quite yet. As of right now, Samsung’s slow-motion selfies have a slight jitter, but we hope it will sort that out before its official Android 10 release.


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