Set healthy boundaries for kids, using efficient parental control apps

Are you aware of what your kid’s watch on the smartphone? Are they studying or watching YouTube videos? If you don’t have answers to these questions, then it is time to set healthy boundaries with Kids safety app for kids on mobile

Why should parents set healthy boundaries for kids on mobile phones? 

Kids are notorious and can go to any level for entertainment. Often, online criminals are not adults but kids with too much power and authority on digital gadgets. It is challenging to tackle their activities online and even more difficult to crack their credentials.

Every parent is worried about kids’ safety on online platformsand equally scared for the mistakes they may commit. In such a scenario, creating healthy boundaries is essential.

Definition of healthy boundaries does not instruct parents to stop kids from relishing the advantage of technology. However, moderate and ethical use of digital gadgets is the boundary parents need to set.

Having said that, let us find out the areas where kids need to limit their usage of a cell phone.

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Digital Restrictions for kids’ benefit

There are some areas where parents need to be over-cautious. So, let’s take a glance at each one of them and understand why is it harmful to kids.

1. Social media sites

Social media has undoubtedly been a boon to the world. It united human beings from every nook and corner of the globe. However, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. have had severe repercussions on kids.  Most social media apps open the channel to contact strangers and get in touch quickly. Kids being kids, without understanding the consequences, get attached to such unknown fellows and badly get hurt.

2. Violent Games

Undoubtedly, gaming is addictive. But what is more alarming is the addiction to violent action games like Counterstrike, PUBG, GTA Vice City, and the list goes on. Teens take these games very seriously and often turn into aggressive individuals. Violent games take a terrible turn on kids, not only makes them obsessed but also manipulates their innocent minds.

3. Adult apps 

Are you familiar with Tinder, PornTime, Pornhub, Mikandi, and Bumble? Of course, you are! But guess what, so are your Teens. Shocking right? Most parents are oblivious to their teen’s online activities. However, teens are one step ahead of them. Teens keep track of all adult apps and sites which they access in the absence of their parents.

4. Screen time 

Screen time, per se, is not a challenge for parents. The real issue is overexposure of kids to screen. Kids are unaware of the health issues they invite with indefinite time on the screen. Only when kids complain of teary eyes and constant headaches, it dawns on the parent that the kid is severely affected by screen time.

5. Contacts

Never accept what the kid says about his phone calls. Honestly, most teens lie about their phone contacts, fearing parents will stop their communication. But let us tell you the real problem.  When strangers or unknown fellows contact kids, and they start entertaining the callers, that’s the red signal for parents.

6. Online chat rooms 

Another channel to get in touch with bullies and strangers is through online chatting. Yes, chatting is a trend that many of us find convenient as it saves the calling time. However, for kids, chatting is just entertainment. Similarly, online offenders have targeted many kids through chat rooms.

How to limit cell phone use?

While there are hundreds of methods to stop your child from getting into the captive of online crimes and undesirable addiction, we will suggest only the plausible ones here.

Bit Guardian Parental Control apps are the answer to all your worries. This app offers innovative features to curtail kids’ addiction and provides a variety of techniques to keep your child at a distance from online goons.

This app has a range of features starting from App Blocker, App Install Blocker, Time Schedule, Kiosk Mode, GPS Location finder, Geofencing, Over speeding alerts, Panic buttons, and Anti-Theft solution. One of the most popular apps in the Android market, which is recognized for its user-friendly portal and easy installation process.

The app does not limit itself only to restrictive methods. It also offers a unique way to track kids through GPS tracking. Your kid’s position is always in front of your eye on the parental control software.

Kids safety is a parent’s responsibility, so is creating a healthy boundary around them. Exposing children to objectionable content can be dangerous. Take an active step today to set parental controls on your child’s device by setting healthy boundaries for kids on mobile devices.

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