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Snapchat Plus Planets 2023 : The Best Guide and solar system order explained

Snapchat Plus planets
Snapchat Plus Planets 2023 : The Best Guide and solar system order explained 2

Snapchat Plus is a new subscription service from Snapchat that offers a variety of exclusive features, including Snapchat Plus Planets. Snapchat Plus Planets is a fun and interactive way to see your closest friends in a new way.

It’s like a solar system, with you at the center and your closest friends represented by the planets. The planets are assigned based on how much you interact with each friend, so the closer the planet is to you, the closer you are to that friend.

In this guide will unravel the mystery of Snapchat Planets, including their sequence and significance. Not only will it clarify what these Snapchat Planets are, but it will also simplify their order and meanings. Plus, you’ll discover how to display the Snapchat solar system to your friends. So, whether you’re new to Snapchat or looking to become a Snapchat whizz, this article is your go-to resource.

Decoding Snapchat Plus: A Premium Offering

Snapchat Plus is an exclusive, subscription-based upgrade of the standard Snapchat application. It comes with a monthly subscription fee, granting users access to a plethora of additional features. With Snapchat Plus, users can change the app’s icon, monitor who has rewatched their story, and even assign the title of “Best Friends Forever” to a select few. The intriguing aspect is that despite this monthly subscription, advertisements continue to be a staple on the application.

What do the planets mean?

The planets in Snapchat Planets have different meanings, depending on their position in the solar system. Mercury represents your closest friend, Venus represents your second closest friend, and so on. The farther away a planet is from the sun, the less close you are to that friend.

Introduction to Snapchat Planets: Your Friend Circle in a Cosmic Perspective

Snapchat Planets is an imaginative feature designed exclusively for Snapchat Plus users. This feature allows users to visualize their friendship circle in the form of a solar system, where they assume the position of the sun. The planets revolving around them signify their friends, ranked based on the level of interaction and activity shared between them.

When you access the Snapchat Planets feature, you can see a badge labeled ‘Best Friends’ or ‘Friends’ adorned with a gold ring on your friend’s profile. The ‘Best Friends’ badge indicates that you are among each other’s top eight friends, while the ‘Friends’ badge suggests that they’re one of your top eight friends but not vice versa.

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Navigating Through the Snapchat Planets: The Order and Meaning

The order of the Snapchat Planets is determined based on the frequency of activity shared between friends. Here’s how each planet signifies your friendship rankings:

1. Mercury: The Closest Companion

In the Snapchat Planets order, Mercury signifies the closest friend. Just like Mercury is the planet nearest to the sun in our solar system, the friend associated with Mercury on Snapchat is the one with whom you’ve shared the highest number of interactions. The Mercury planet is represented by a pink planet surrounded by red hearts.

2. Venus: The Second Best Friend

The second planet in the Snapchat Planets order is Venus. If you are the ‘sun’ and your friend is Venus, they are your second closest friend. Venus is represented by a beige planet encircled by yellow, blue, and pink hearts.

3. Earth: The Third Closest Ally

Next in line is Earth, denoting your third closest friend. Earth is symbolized by a green and blue planet accompanied by red hearts and a moon.

4. Mars: The Fourth Best Pal

Mars represents the fourth closest friend in the Snapchat Planets order. Mars, depicted as a red planet adorned with purple and blue hearts, indicates an active and thrilling bond.

5. Jupiter: The Fifth Closest Friend

Jupiter stands as the fifth closest friend in your Snapchat friend circle. It is represented by an orange planet, devoid of any hearts.

6. Saturn: The Sixth Best Buddy

In the planetary lineup of Snapchat friends, Saturn signifies the sixth closest friend. Saturn is depicted as a yellow planet surrounded by a ring, indicating a stable and longstanding friendship.

7. Uranus: The Seventh Closest Chum

Uranus represents the seventh closest friend in the Snapchat Planets order. It is depicted as a green planet devoid of any hearts.

8. Neptune: The Eighth Best Mate

Neptune is the final planet in the Snapchat Planets order. If a friend is assigned to Neptune, they are considered the eighth closest friend. Neptune is represented by a blue planet surrounded by stars.

Accessing Your Snapchat Planets

To access your Snapchat Planets and ascertain your position in a friend’s solar system, follow these steps:

  • Ensure you have a subscription to Snapchat Plus.
  • Both you and your friend must have a linked Bitmoji.
  • Visit your friends’ profiles and look for a ‘Best Friends‘ or ‘Friends‘ badge adorned with a gold ring beneath their Bitmoji image.

Upon tapping the badge, you can see your position within their Solar System, symbolized by different planets.

If you are a Snapchat Plus subscriber, you can access the Friend Solar System by following these steps:

  1. Open the Snapchat app.
  2. Tap on your Bitmoji in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Tap on the “Friendship Profile” tab.
  4. Scroll down to the “Friend Solar System” section.

In addition to the solar system order, there are a few other things to know about Snapchat Plus Planets:

  • The planets are assigned based on the amount of snaps and chats you send and receive with each friend.
  • The planets are dynamic, so they can change over time depending on your interactions with your friends.
  • You can only see the Friend Solar System for your own friends. You cannot see the Friend Solar System for other people.
  • Snapchat Plus Planets is one of many exclusive features that are available to Snapchat Plus subscribers. Other exclusive features include custom app icons, story rewatch count, and the ability to see who has replayed your stories.

In Conclusion

Snapchat Plus Planets is a fun and engaging way to visualize your friendship rankings on Snapchat. This feature cleverly uses the analogy of our solar system, adding a cosmic touch to your interactions with friends. So, buckle up and embark on a journey through the Snapchat solar system, exploring and understanding your friendships in a whole new light!

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