7 Software needed while shifting from Mac to Windows

SO guys this week I shifted from MacBook to the all-new Surface Laptop 2. Yes! Finally, after four years, I am shifting from Mac to Windows environment and I’m a hell of a scared.

I have been into the iOS environment for a long time. I have Apple iPhone, Apple’s watch and Macbook! The integration is so flawless. You can transfer files instantly using Airdrop Using Apple watch I can unlock my MacBook or iPhone just like that.

Another feature is the Spotlight of MacOS. Just press Command and Space and you can do a universal search on the whole Macbook and it has inbuilt calculator too!

It does not have a blue screen of death problem also(Yes last time I used Windows laptop, I faced these issues more than 5 times in a single month! Gosh!)

Talking about my real struggle of shifting from Mac to Windows 10 Home Edition.

I had transferred my data (which was very less) from Macbook to Surface via portable hard disk of WD (my MacBook is 128 GB SSD variant, so you can get an idea why I need two portable hard disks with me at all times)

When I booted Windows 10 first it took a lot of time! Literally but hey its okay! I loved Cortana. In my opinion its better than Apple’s Siri which is dumb! In 5 minutes Cortana helped me setting up my Surface and I was waiting for her to finish the last minute configurations(which really took time).

Once after the configuration is done you are logged into the Desktop.
So now I don’t have a spotlight. Now easy to use screen capture tool or my beloved MacBook dock.

List of Apps which would help you out while shifting from Mac to Windows

Seer – Quick View alternative

I really missed the option to press the space bar on any folder and get its details or preview document before actually opened it. I found over the internet that Seer does that job( and in few cases much better than that of Macbook).

Just download it and install. After that, you just require to press Space Key like you did on your MacOS and you would have that selected document preview.

Cerebro Search – Alternative to Spotlight Search

When you google about Spotlight alternative, there would be tons of results but I find that Cerebro Search gives me the exact feel of Spotlight. I have configured it to activate the Search by hotkeys “Alt+Space” which is so resembling to “Command+Space” and I tried it and found that it does give same search experience as that of Apple’s MacBook Spotlight feature.

Rocket Dock – Alternative to your Start Menu on Windows

I admit that I hate start menu a lot. I don’t need a hell lot of mini icons below on my screen which I rarely use. I wanted my old MacBook style dock. And hence my search ends here. Rocket Dock is what you need on Windows if you really miss your MacOS Dock. But if you are a bit sceptical on being legit and it’s not malware, I bet its developed by a good organisation and it’s a lot famous in Windows people community who like to give their windows system look like a Mac.

According to Wikipedia:-
RocketDock is an application launcher developed by PolyVector and Skunkie of Punk Labs,
working with artist Zachary Denton, for Windows that provides a dock similar to that of the Mac OS X Aqua GUI. It is freely available under a Creative Commons license and is distributed by Punk Labs (previously called Punk Software).

Geek Uninstaller – Alternative to App Cleaner
As I told you earlier in my post, that I was using 128Gb SSD variant MacBook Air and most of the time I had only around 4 GB of space left in my laptop. So App Cleaner was one of my closest calls whenever my Macbook seems slow or ran out of space.

Even though I took a 256GB variant of the Surface Laptop 2, I really wanted one app like App Cleaner to do the home keeping job. Geek Uninstaller does serve the same or at least works like intended to be.

Green Shot – Alternative to the easy screenshot taking technique on Mac OS

I know that Windows Laptop provides simple one key to get a screenshot of the window you are currently viewing which is [PrtScn]. Last week approximately we also covered various ways to take a screenshot on Windows. I find Green Shot to be the best alternative or the best tool to take a screenshot. Its same as Macbook’s one.

But it has also added features like we have the option to choose in which format the image has to be saved and in which location also. It also provides more than one hotkeys to take a screenshot.

For example, you can set different hotkeys for taking different types of screenshots such as Full-screen screenshot, Crop area screenshot, active window screenshot etc.

Outlook – Alternative for Mail

Well Frankly telling you my friends, I didn’t use the Mail default app of MacOs for reading and replying to emails, I usually preferred desktop version of my Gmail and Yahoo Mail. I know The Mail software on the iPhone is awesome and I used it as primary Mail App when I was using Apple’s iPhone 7.

But Here Windows win the round as I loved Outlook’s UI and elegant. Thus I didn’t go for its alternative. But if you are not an Outlook fan you can use Nylas Mail Application on your Windows Laptop.

VLC Player – Already available

Also, I didn’t use iTunes for videos and audio songs, I had VLC Player in my Macbook and thus same goes for my all new Surface Laptop 2.Its available for free for both macOS and Windows. So no compromise in this section I had to make.

But if you used iTunes a lot You can try using “MediaMonkey” it’s free to use. Thus after installing these Apps, I was relaxed that the features I used most in my Macbook earlier, I would be able to use them (one way or the other way) on my Surface.

For new Macbook Owners, if they are shifting to Windows, instead of Touch ID, use Windows Hello.

Okay yes I don’t have iPhone X but I do own Note 8 and it has Face unlock. While configuring Windows it asked me if I wanted to enable “Windows Hello” feature or not. And guess what? Being a Tech geek I was ready to dive into something I was not aware of.

Guys let me tell you Windows Hello (the Face unlock feature is damn good!).In fact, till now I can arrive at the result that the face unlocks works better than my Note 8 as my surface was able to read my face even in dark! Kudos for that to Microsoft. Also when you give face unlock you have to give a PIN(it can be numbers only or alphanumerical password too)

Thus this is the list of the apps that you would require when shifting from Mac to Windows Laptop or Desktop.

Do let us know in the comments section which OS you prefer and why.

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