Starfield Constellation Faction Guide – Missions, Locations and How to Join

    Starfield Constellation Faction
    Starfield Constellation Faction Guide – Missions, Locations and How to Join 2

    Starfield, the highly anticipated space adventure game by Bethesda Game Studios, unfolds an immersive universe filled with intriguing quests, unique characters, and an array of factions that players can join to enrich their gaming experience. The Starfield Constellation Faction, a significant player in the game’s narrative, is the focus of this comprehensive guide. From joining the faction to understanding its missions, locations, and rewards, this guide will provide everything players need to know about the Constellation Faction in Starfield.

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    Introduction to the Constellation Faction

    The Constellation Faction is a pivotal element in Starfield’s storyline. Known as the last authentic space explorers, this faction is dedicated to unraveling the enigmas of the universe. Their prominence within the game’s main storyline ties players to consequential companions and quests, making it a crucial faction to join for those seeking to progress in Starfield’s main story.

    Locating the Constellation Faction

    Becoming a member of Starfield Constellation Faction is a multi-step process:

    Meeting the Requirements

    Each faction has specific requirements, such as reputation points or completing certain missions.

    The Initiation Process

    Initiation often involves a ceremonial induction, a pledge of loyalty, and a symbolic task.

    The Starfield Constellation Faction resides in New Atlantis, a location in the Alpha Centauri system’s Jemison. This is where players will engage with the faction and unlock unique missions and items.

    Joining the Constellation Faction

    The journey to becoming a member of the Starfield Constellation Faction is intertwined with the primary storyline. Players will find the faction’s base in New Atlantis, particularly in the MAST District’s Lodge. Here, players will interact with Sarah Morgan, who inducts them into the faction following a brief conversation.

    Missions of the Constellation Faction

    The Starfield Constellation Faction provides a diverse range of missions for players to embark upon, each offering its distinct storyline and rewards. Here’s a concise breakdown of the missions:

    1. One Small Step: A mission that symbolizes the beginning of your journey within the Starfield universe.
    2. The Old Neighborhood: Explore the nostalgia of your past as you complete tasks related to your character’s origins.
    3. The Empty Nest: Venture into new territories, leaving behind familiar surroundings to uncover the mysteries of the cosmos.
    4. Back to Vectera: Return to a significant hub, Vectera, as part of your mission objectives.
    5. Into the Unknown: Embrace the thrill of exploring uncharted space, where the possibilities are limitless.
    6. All That Money Can Buy: A mission that involves financial pursuits, potentially offering substantial in-game wealth.
    7. Starborn: Connect with your cosmic origins and discover secrets tied to your character’s background.
    8. Further Into the Unknown: Continue your exploration into the vastness of space, facing new challenges and mysteries.
    9. Short Sighted: A mission where quick thinking and adaptability are essential to succeed.
    10. No Sudden Moves: Navigate delicate situations with caution, as hasty actions may have consequences.
    11. High Price to Pay: This mission may require sacrifices or challenging choices for your character’s progression.
    12. Unity: A mission centered around cooperation and building alliances within the Starfield universe.
    13. In Their Footsteps: Follow in the footsteps of those who came before you, uncovering their secrets and legacies.
    14. Final Glimpses: Possibly a mission leading to significant revelations or conclusions in the game’s storyline.
    15. Entangled: Encounter complex interwoven narratives and scenarios, reflecting the multifaceted nature of the Starfield universe.
    16. Unearthed: Dig deep into the lore and history of the game world, unearthing hidden knowledge and artifacts.
    17. Missed Beyond Measure: Explore opportunities you might have overlooked, revealing the richness of the game’s content.
    18. Revelation: Experience pivotal moments of discovery and enlightenment, reshaping your understanding of the Starfield universe.

    Each of these missions contributes uniquely to your character’s development, offering not only captivating narratives but also valuable rewards that aid your progression in the game, making the Starfield Constellation Faction an exciting and integral part of your gaming experience.

    Members of the Constellation Faction

    The Starfield Constellation Faction comprises several characters, including its leader, Sarah Morgan, and members such as Adoring Fan, Barrett, Heller, Marika Boros, Matteo, Noelle, Sam Coe, Vasco, Vlad, and Walter. Each character offers unique dialogue options and contributes to the faction’s storyline.

    Rewards Gained Upon Completion of Constellation Faction Missions

    Certainly, here’s the information in a table format:

    MissionExperience (EXP)Credits
    One Small Step4008000
    The Old Neighborhood4008000
    The Empty Nest3507200
    Back to Vectera3507200
    Into the Unknown4009500
    All That Money Can Buy400N/A
    Further Into the Unknown7507200
    Short Sighted7507200
    No Sudden Moves750N/A
    High Price to Pay80011000
    In Their Footsteps750N/A
    Final Glimpses80011800
    Missed Beyond Measure750N/A

    In the Starfield Constellation Faction, players are generously rewarded upon successful completion of various missions. These rewards include experience points (EXP) and credits, with some missions offering both, while others focus solely on experience gain. These incentives not only serve as markers of progress within the game but also offer the opportunity for players to further enhance their characters and delve deeper into the immersive world of Starfield.

    As you prepare to set forth on your epic voyage within the enigmatic expanse of the Starfield Constellation, bear in mind that every decision you make and every alliance you forge will be a guiding star in charting your celestial destiny. Within this cosmos of endless possibilities, whether your aspirations soar toward the pursuit of wisdom, opulence, or dominion, the universe unfurls its infinite tapestry before you.

    This comprehensive compendium delving into the intricacies of the Starfield Constellation Faction serves as your guiding beacon in the astral abyss. Armed with this knowledge, intrepid adventurers can now traverse the uncharted reaches of the Starfield universe with newfound assurance and strategic prowess. By wielding this profound understanding of the Starfield Constellation Faction, you will sculpt a narrative uniquely yours, where every decision reverberates through the cosmic fabric, weaving an immersive gaming tapestry that transcends the boundaries of mere entertainment.

    So, as you take your first steps amongst the stars, may the wisdom contained within these pages illuminate your path and empower you to etch your legend indelibly upon the annals of the Starfield Constellation Faction’s storied history. Your journey awaits, and the universe beckons with its secrets and wonders.

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