The Best Modern Stock Broker’s Guide To Trading Hours In 2020

Being a successful stockbroker has always been enticing to people. However, in these mercurial times, where online trading is preferred, one needs to keep themselves updated with the trends in vogue and mold accordingly.Here we present stock broker’s guide in 2020. 

There are primarily two factors at work that essentially segregate a good stockbroker in trading hours – 

  • Length of Career – The total amount of time one has spent in the stock market trading. This means a larger client base and more opportunities.
  • Location – Naturally, the biggest and the highest-paying firms and companies are situated in big cities and metropolitans.

Modern Stockbroker’s Guide

Here shall be discussed protocols on being a successful stockbroker. The modern stockbroker’s guide shall include – 

1. Important Toolboxes to Conquer

Procuring the necessary licenses and kickstarting your stockbroking career might seem alluring; however, one needs to ace a certain set of skills to be ahead of the crowd – 

  1. Always be a self-initiator
  2. Understand and accept rejections on the way
  3. Rile up determination and zeal to work even late hours or on weekends
  4. Patience is the key to build a strong foundation
  5. Make decent sales
  6. Master the art of good communication and time management
  7. Dedication and perseverance

These 7 aforementioned steps are predominant, and putting a tick against each one of them would undeniably guarantee a successful stockbroking career in 2020.

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2. Certifications and Experience

Once a person has mastered all the above protocols, he/she should strongly consider the following set of levels to excel in competition and boost their career – 

  1. Procure an MBA degree
  2. Attain the necessary certifications, which will help companies save money and view one as a motivated individual.
  3. Earn decent grades while attending college
  4. Enroll yourself in an esteemed internship to gain exposure and experience.
  5. To get real-world experience, trade some of your own money
  6. To enhance network opportunities, associate with a business-related club or fraternity in school.

3. Building a Decent Client Base

Once a person has obtained all the necessary certifications, mastered the necessary skills, and is motivated and driven by enthusiasm, it’s time to build a successful client base.

Stock Bokers guide
Stock Broker’s Guide

However, it can be tricky and often time-consuming as it takes patience to influence clients and make a name for yourself in the market.

Here are a few points to help you build a client base down the road – 

  1. Cold Calling – a technique where a salesperson gets in touch with individuals and firms who previously didn’t show any particular interest in the products or services offered before.
  2. Contact pre-qualified leads
  3. Taking the aid of relatives, friends, and referrals and seeking help to expand contacts
  4. Initiate networking in the community for a better linkup across potential clients

4. Advertisement via Blogging and Social Media

One should even harness the potential of social media and blogging to boast about your intellect and experience. People are more indulged in social media platforms and reading blogs as compared to other forms of advertisement. It is regarded as one of the best methods of promotion.

This can also help congregate more attention. However, maintaining a fine line between telling and gloating about your company must be maintained.

5. Seek a Mentor

Stockbrokers, in their early days experience a turnover rate that is exuberantly high. Maintaining this form is essentially difficult as there are some difficult years too. 

It is highly recommended to get a decent mentor. One should learn to follow the footsteps of those who have been successful while being in the trading sector. The road eventually gets easier once you make it through the harsh phases of trading.

6. Register With FINRA

Every firm would want the answers to simple questions with assurances. The questions being: Can one generate commissions, new leads, and accounts? 

If one is successful convincing a firm and they recognize his/her latency in the domain, they will sponsor their FINRA exams.

One can even pay for the exams themselves to showcase determination. Here are the exams with their cost – 

  1. Series 7: General Securities Registered Representative – $245 
  2. Series 3: National Commodity Futures Exam – $130 
  3. Series 63: Uniform Registered Investment Advisor Examination – $135 
  4. Series 65: Uniform Combined Registered Advisor-State Laws – $175

After passing the exam, a person has about two years to successfully register with FINRA. 

FINRA would only consider registration after a person has had a background check (criminal and financial), a fingerprint card, and is registered with the Securities Commission (unless one’s business is done intrastate) (Source: Investopedia).

7. Choose Your Broker Type

One can opt to work for full-service brokers to gain prestige and exuberance in trading. Brokers achieve about 41% payouts. However, the pathway is not very pleasant.

A person would go through comprehensive training, meet a high sales quota to retain their position, and be burdened with tons of pressure and stress. Needless to say, after passing the test, the success rate is exponential and consistent.

One can even opt to work with an independent-broker-dealer if the above scenario doesn’t suit him/her. The payouts are about 80-95%, but come with a catch. One is solely responsible for their personal expenses, and no office space is provided either.

A person can choose to work as a discount broker if they don’t enjoy sales or giving advice on investments. One can earn a flat salary in this domain. 

The environment is not competitive, but a lot more amiable. One can also gain more experience as their investment intellect needs to spread across the board and not just specific expertise like the above two.

Associating with Alpaca should be considered by modern stockbrokers as it is one of the leading stock brokerage companies that enables anyone to build and connect applications and algorithms to buy and sell stocks with zero commissions.

The Bottom Line 

If one intends to become a successful stockbroker in 2020, the aforementioned points shall help excel further in the domain of trading.

The job of being a stockbroker demands a great deal of patience and thick skin. Always remember that you need a great deal of perseverance and zeal to pursue this line of career and ensure success down the lane.

One needs to check certain key points to stay afloat in the ever-pacing competition. Also, one needs to check what to do and what to avoid while in trading hours

Choosing the type of stockbroker is essential to direct your career. This would help you attain a clear vision in mind about what specifically you would like to pursue trading in the year 2020.

After getting everything right and dealing with all tests or intellect and patience, a person is finally clear from the added burden and can attain heights in trading hours.

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