probeatz wireless earphones
probeatz wireless earphones

Okay After my review of two wireless earphones (one Apple Airpods and other CrossBeats Truly Wireless earphones), I wondered if there are any good earphones which are wireless.

probeatz wireless earphones
probeatz wireless earphones

Mostly people think of JBL or Apple Airpods if someone says wireless earphones. Recently Samsung also joined the wagon of truly wireless earphones. And today in this post we are going to look at the cheapest wireless earphones you can get!

Yes, Probeats wireless earphones are the cheapest currently at around Rs 350 INR at the time of writing. And in this post we are going to do a full review on this gadget.

After testing two wireless earphones i was like ” are there any cheapest? and if cheapest if i am able to find, will audio quality suffer? In order to get my answers to these questions i purchased it via Amazon and within 3 days the earphones were at my doorstep.

Specs and Other details at Glimpse

ModelGZ05 magnetic headset
Item Weight168 g
Package Dimensions5 x 5 x 5 cm
Item model numberGZ05 magnetic headset
Compatible DevicesAll Android,& IOS, iPhone,iPod,Mobile phone, Smart Phones ETC…
Additional FeaturesFunction: Answering Phone,Bluetooth,Microphone,Multi connection function,Song Switching,Voice control,Voice Prompt
Batteries IncludedNo
Batteries RequiredNo


Okay! First of all the design. The design is pretty much simple.. a wire attached with the two earpieces. The look also kind of is funky, as the wire is red in colour rather then normal white or back connecting wires. The probeatz have 3 buttons , for power on/pick up call and Volume low/volume up button.

probeatz wireless earphones
probeatz wireless earphones

The earpieces are magnetic and can be sticked togethor(when not in use).This is one the feature i liked the most.

Build Quality

Okay So this is one area where it lacks.From far away it looks kind premium but when you touch it(specially the connecting wire.. you feel its cheap..!)

The buttons which i mentioned in previous section do the work as mentioned but when you press them you feel that quality is not that much good. The buttons are made from plastic and wont give you a good feel.

I would say that Build quality would be the only factor to refrain from using these earphones.(PS this might be due to the fact that i use my JBL or Apple AirPods.)

Sound Quality

I am not much of a music specialist but for me it was fine. Not that much great or not too poor.If you are into heavy listening and all you would find sound not that much great. Furthermore the sound is loud and clear, and you won’t find any problem with normal or casual listening of the songs.

Battery Life

Unlike other truly wireless earphones this does not comes with a case and thus per charge it would provide you with 2-2.5 hrs of battery maximum.and then you can charge it via usb cable provided along side from the seller.

There is one bad thing I noticed while using them and i guess this is the correct section to tell it.When the battery is low the earphones start beeping continously.It just makes you irritated.

probeatz wireless earphones
probeatz wireless earphones

Once you reach a certain level you would hear beeps after every 1-2 minutes but at very low level the device would start beeping continuosly.

Connection with the Phone

Unlike Aerobeats inconsistent connection. These earphones provide smooth and stable connection with your phone.I didn’t find any problem with the earphones while connecting with my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 8).I was amazed that its so good.

In connection section its definitely awesome.


  1. No App is required to connect with smartphone.Just turn on Bluetooth and pair it normally
  2. Tough fabric wire.
  3. No extra buds present in the box
  4. Testing from last 2 months, no problems till now
  5. Magnet behind the earpieces work like a charm (one of the features i liked!)
probeatz wireless earphones
probeatz wireless earphones


  1. Low Price!! You cant get any wireless earphone cheaper then this currently in the market.
  2. Easily managed.The magnet behind the earpieces work like charm and you can wear the earphones like a necklace 😛
  3. You can also change the change or go back to previous song using Volume up and down button.
  4. Supported by iOS and Android
  5. Design at this price is too much awesome


  1. Cheap build.
  2. Not that much audio feels you would get.
  3. The beeping sound after battery is at low level
  4. No extra ear pieces present in the box


  • Dont listen on these earphones at full volume! Like as mentioned before they are good loud earphones and you can listen at around 40-50 percent volume.
  • On iPhone i was not able to attend call, just i was able to listen music.


If you are really looking and desperate for a cheap wireless earphones then you can go with it as it provides the awesome experience which you would get by shelling out 1000 INR+  from Amazon.

But personally at the price of 400-500 INR you can get good earphones(wired) with awesome build quality.

Should you buy?

If you have stashed around some extra amazon gift card credit then its a way to go.There is no harm in trying these cheap earphones! (They do work as stated!)

probeatz wireless earphones
probeatz wireless earphones

Final Verdict

DONT BUY  these earphones.its better to spend 500-600 INR more and get a good wireless earphones.




Build Quality
Sound Quality
Battery Life
Connection with the Phone
Value for Money


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