Chromebook commercial nails Microsoft and Apple

Google has tapped its feet into the laptop market with its Chromebook. Till now, Google has made so many ads featuring the benefits of their laptop, but now for the first time, they have pointed out the flaws in other operating systems. So far, only Windows and macOS, two of the most popular OS, have been shown in the ad. The company has rolled out a new commercial for the Chromebook portraying its competitor as annoying, buggy, and slow.

Later in the ad, the commercial highlights the numerous applications available for Chromebooks, such as Lightroom CC, Google Docs, Hangouts, Netflix, Spotify, Slack, and others. The final shot of the commercial shows the Pixelbook running PUBG Mobile in the laptop mode even when the game does not support any keyboard input.

We believe that Google did great work in this commercial. Chromebooks’ main selling points have been its fast performance and lack of malware. We hope that Google’s marketing team might have more creative advertisement ideas ahead. Finally, Google pays back Microsoft for all the ‘Scroogled’ ads.

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