New transparent fingerprint sensor will check for person is alive or not

Fingerprint sensors are evolving day by day. This year we saw some smartphones with in-display fingerprint sensors. Most of the smartphones manufacturers want to implement this tech in their smartphone but this tech is new and in the early phase of development and very hard to implement successfully.

A research paper published by the scientists of Ulsan National Insitute of Science and Technology in South Korea. This paper shows the working of the transparent fingerprint sensor which can detect skin temperature and tactile pressure.

Researchers used nanofibers and nanowires to make this tech transparent and to measure electrical current from your finger. The additional temperature sensor is added in this tech to provide an extra layer of security. This sensor will detect whether the finger is a real finger or not. The sensor will check for temperature threshold from min 30° and max 45°C before unlocking the phone.

This research can be very good for the in-display fingerprint sensors. This will provide the extra layer of security to the device. Some creative peoples will try to find a way to bypass this new tech by finding loopholes in the tech.

This whole technology is currently in the research paper and it will take some time to be in the market but demand for in-display fingerprint sensors is so high so we can expect it soon in the market.

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