Rare Trick to Play Football on Facebook Messenger

Facebook has grown from more than a social networking site to a full form of an entertainment portal. From memes to video sharing all is now happening on Facebook.

Gone are the days when Facebook was used to be in touch with your friends. Now people mostly browse memes, watch videos or play mini-games.

Yes, mini-games is a thing! on facebook Messenger. Yes for most of you guys Messenger would be just normal chat app but it has inbuilt games too just like one football or you can say soccer game!

In this post, I am gonna teach you how to start the soccer game. You don’t need any other thing beside Facebook Messenger in order to play this secret football game on FB Messenger

Features of the Game

  • Tap and Play
  • You can compete with your friend in a one to one chat, or compete against all other friends in a group chat on Messenger

How to unlock this secret game?

  1. Open up a chat window from messenger
  2. Click on Football Tab
  3. And then send emoji to your friend
  4. Once its sent, just click on football emoji and game would startRare Trick to Play Football on Facebook Messenger 1

How to play

In order to play this game, you don’t need any rocket science knowledge ­čśŤ or complex controls. You just have to Tap on the ball maximum number of times in a given time period.

Do let us know about your high score in the comments section.

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