Boon for PUBG Players: Truecaller adds support for PUBG Gamers

Its no doubt that currently, PUBG is one of the famous game around the globe. Since the inception of the Mobile version of the game, it has peaked to its popularity.

The mobile game though has fewer features than that of the PC version but still its available providing mostly all features except for the 1 GB variant version of the game.

If you have played PUBG on your mobile, there might be chances that you might have any call and after that a banner of Truecaller. and Poof once you got the call you are dead ! and you are left with no chicken dinner 🙁

Fortunately, Truecaller developers know their consumers and have pushed an update for the same.

According to the new Release Notes:-


• Fix for PUBG players! No popups will appear when you’re playing
• Truecaller Premium subscribers can upgrade to Truecaller Gold plan easily
So according to the Truecaller developers now you won’t see pop-ups while playing PUBG!
I hope that this new feature would increase your chicken dinner counts if u frequently get calls from your friends and family members.

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