Truecaller launches personal safety app Guardians

Truecaller launches personal safety app Guardians
Truecaller launches personal safety app Guardians

Truecaller on Wednesday has launched a new Guardians. This app is for personal safety where you can share locations with selected people. This app is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Guardians were in progress for the past 15 months by a team from Stockholm and India. It has all the feature you can expect from a personal safety app and its free. There is no premium version and you don’t have to pay anything. Read More: Instagram Doubling Up on Instagram Live That Allows 3 Participants At A Time

In the Guardians app, users can select people and make their Guardians from contacts. You can share location and stop when you want, also you can select with whom you permanent share in Guardians.

If you are in any emergency then you have to tap on an emergency button on the app and it is going to notify all people who are on your list.

“There are probably hundreds of apps on the app stores for personal safety and location sharing. But none of them work in a way where you can involve your family, friends, the community at large and the authorities,” Alan Mamedi, co-founder and CEO, True Software Scandinavia AB (maker of Truecaller app), said.

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“Our engineering team has a proven track record of building great user experiences, and we have also crossed the milestone of 270 million active users (200 Million in India alone),” he added.

According to the company, the app only needs three permissions: location, contacts (to select and invite personal guardians) and telephone permission (to show the telephone status of guardians).

Regarding user data privacy, Truecaller said that Guardians would never share personal information with third-party apps for commercial use, including the Truecaller app. “This is our commitment to personal safety,” Truecaller said.

Download from playstore – Guardians – Personal Safety

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