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Vendors in Diablo 4

In the dynamic realm of Diablo 4, vendors serve as a crucial element in shaping your character’s progression. Whether it’s managing your inventory, upgrading your gear, or crafting potent elixirs, vendors provide a range of services that extend beyond simple trading. This guide will delve into the roles and offerings of the Alchemist, Blacksmith, Purveyor, Jeweler, and Occultist vendors in Diablo 4.

Vendors in Diablo 4 2
Vendors in Diablo 4 2

Alchemist: The Potion Master

Available from level 10 via a Priority Quest, the Alchemist is your go-to vendor for upgrading Healing Potions and crafting potent Elixirs.


As your journey in Diablo 4 progresses, the Alchemist enables the enhancement of the quality and quantity of the healing potions you can possess. Notably, the Alchemist can also help you earn Healing potion charges through the Renown system.


Elixirs, crafted at the Alchemist Vendor, offer a variety of buffs to enhance your character’s prowess during your Diablo 4 adventures. Importantly, all Elixirs also provide an increase in your XP gain.

Iron BarbIncreases Armor and Thorn, XP gain by 5%
Third EyeIncreases Dodge, XP gain by 5%
Elixir of Cold ResistanceIncrease Cold Resist, XP gain by 5%
Elixir of Fire ResistanceIncrease Fire Resist, XP gain by 5%
Elixir of Lightning ResistanceIncrease Lightning Resist, XP gain by 5%
Elixir of Poison ResistanceIncrease Poison Resist, XP gain by 5%
Elixir of Shadow ResistanceIncrease Shadow Resist, XP gain by 5%
Assault ElixirIncrease Attack Speed, XP gain by 5%
Crushing ElixirIncrease Overpower Damage, XP gain by 5%


Information about Incense crafting remains scanty at the moment. We will update this guide as soon as more information becomes available.

Blacksmith: The Gear Upgrade Specialist

The Blacksmith becomes accessible early in your Diablo 4 adventure, precisely at level 10. Here, you can salvage items for crafting materials and repair your gear. Also, the Blacksmith helps you upgrade your armor with materials earned from the Salvage system.


The Blacksmith’s Salvage system enables you to convert gear from your inventory into crafting material needed for gear upgrading. Interestingly, salvaging also unlocks the item’s appearance for the Transmog System.


Upgrading your gear is an essential aspect of progression in Diablo 4. The Blacksmith can assist with upgrading both your armor and weapons, increasing the base damage of weapons and the base mitigation of Armor.

TierWeapon MaterialsArmor Materials
Tier 1Iron ChunkRawhide
Tier 2Silver OreSuperior Leather
Tier 3Veiled CrystalVeiled Crystal
Tier 4Baleful FragmentCoiling Ward
Tier 5Forgotten SoulForgotten Soul

Purveyor: The Gear Gambler

The Purveyor allows you to spend Obols, a special currency earned during your adventures, to randomly roll items. This is an excellent way to potentially acquire rare and legendary gear.


Obols can be earned through special events in Dungeons and Open World Events. It’s important to note that you can only hold a maximum of 1000 Obols at any time, so regular visits to the Purveyor are advised.

Item Costs

The items available for purchase from the Purveyor can help you obtain rare and legendary gear. The cost of each item available from the Purveyor is as follows:

Item CategoryItemCost
Weapons/Off HandsAxe, Sword, Mace, Wand, Focus50
Bow, Crossbow, Two-Handed Axe, Two-Handed Sword, Two-Handed Hammer, Polearm, Staff75
Armor, Jewelry, and MiscCap, Tunic, Pants, Ring40
Gloves, Boots25
Whispering Key20

Jeweler: The Gem Craftsman

The Jeweler, accessible at level 20 after completing a “Priority Quest,” allows you to upgrade your gems and Jewelry, and add sockets to your gear.


Upgrading your gems can significantly boost your stats as you progress to max level and beyond. The Jeweler can help you upgrade your gems for a small fee and some gold.


TierJewelry Materials
Tier 1Iron Chunk
Tier 2Silver Ore
Tier 3Veiled Crystal
Tier 4Abstruse Sigil
Tier 5Forgotten Soul


To utilize a gem, you will need a Gem Slot on your gear. If your gear lacks a slot, you can visit the Jeweler to create one for a fee of 1 Scattered Prism.

Occultist: The Enchanter

The Occultist, a significant gold sink in Diablo 4, can Imprint and Extract Aspects, Craft and Salvage Nightmare Sigils, and Enchant your gear.

Extracting Aspects

The Occultist can assist you in extracting Aspects from Legendary Gear, allowing you to transplant a Legendary Trait from one item to another. This process, albeit costly, is worth every gold piece, ensuring you can build around the Legendary Aspects you desire.

Imprint Aspects

Once you’ve obtained a Legendary Aspect, you’ll need to imprint it onto another item. You can imprint these Aspects on various gear categories, including:

OffensiveAmulet, Weapon, Gloves, Ring
DefensiveShield, Helm, Chest, Pants, Amulet
ResourceHelm, Amulet, Ring
UtilityShield, Helm, Chest, Amulet, Gloves, Ring
MobilityAmulet, Boot


Enchanting allows you to reroll perks on your gear into potentially better perks. The cost of enchanting varies based on item rarity:

  • Rare Item: Veiled Crystals + Gold
  • Legendary Item: Fiend Rose + Gold


This comprehensive guide to vendors in Diablo 4 demonstrates the significant role vendors play in enhancing your character’s progression. Their services range from upgrading gear and crafting powerful elixirs to imprinting legendary aspects and facilitating gear gambling. As you venture deeper into the game, these vendors will become indispensable in your quest for power and survival.

About the Author

This guide was meticulously crafted by an experienced Diablo 4 enthusiast who has a deep understanding of the game’s dynamics. The author’s expertise extends to crafting guides for other games and streaming gameplay sessions on Twitch. Stay tuned for more informative content!

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