2 months back when Apple announced its latest iPhone XS and iPhone XS MAX, one of the surprising features was the dual sim feature.US carriers held back for this feature’s support.

But a memo has been shared with 9to5Mac, that Verizon has told its employees that they can expect a rollout of eSIMS as early as in December 2018. iPhone does not support high-speed Verizon internet service in these latest iPhones.

It’s expected that after the release of iOS 12.1.1 they would start rolling out these changes which include other features such as Live photos on FaceTime.

Similarly, AT&T has shown no interest for support of Dual SIM and eSIM as they found that iPhone voicemail feature won’t be working correctly while using two sims, and are held back until a proper iOS update is dispatched to consumers of iPhones.


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