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Boost Efficiency: Master VLC Keyboard Shortcuts for OS X and Windows

VLC Media Player, an impressive multiplatform media player, is brimming with features. It’s supported by a vast array of operating systems, including Windows and OS X.

This media player’s strength lies in its power to enhance your media experience. Its functionalities are broad-ranging, making it an all-around tool for multimedia.

One of VLC’s unique selling propositions is its keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts are extensive, enabling users to undertake tasks at high speed.

Efficiency is at the heart of VLC’s design. Shortcuts aid in swift and effective task completion, making it a user favorite.

Here Is The Complete List Of VLC Keyboard Shortcuts For OS X And Windows

Play and Pause

Spacebar: Press the spacebar to toggle between play and pause.

Volume Control

Ctrl + Up Arrow: Increase the volume.
Ctrl + Down Arrow: Decrease the volume.
M: Mute or unmute the audio.

Ctrl + Left Arrow: Jump back 10 seconds.
Ctrl + Right Arrow: Jump forward 10 seconds.
Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow: Jump back 1 minute.
Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow: Jump forward 1 minute.

Playback Speed

] (right bracket): Increase playback speed.
[ (left bracket): Decrease playback speed.
= (equal sign): Reset playback speed to normal.


V: Toggle subtitle visibility.
G: Cycle through subtitle tracks.
H: Synchronize subtitles by delaying them.
J: Synchronize subtitles by hastening them.

Aspect Ratio

A: Cycle through aspect ratio options.

Audio Track

B: Cycle through available audio tracks.

Video Effects

Ctrl + E: Open the Video Effects menu.
Ctrl + H: Flip the video horizontally.
Ctrl + V: Flip the video vertically.

Playlist Management

Ctrl + L: Open the playlist.
Ctrl + P: Play the previous item in the playlist.
Ctrl + N: Play the next item in the playlist.
Ctrl + S: Stop playback.

Take a Snapshot

Shift + S: Capture a snapshot of the current video frame.

Fullscreen Mode

F: Toggle fullscreen mode.

File Operations

Ctrl + O: Open a media file.
Ctrl + R: Open a network stream.
Ctrl + D: Open a disc.

Advanced Features

Ctrl + T: Show the time remaining/elapsed.
Ctrl + J: View codec information.
Ctrl + G: Adjust audio delay.
Ctrl + K: Adjust subtitle delay.

FunctionShortcut (OS X)Shortcut (Windows)
Play/PauseCommand + SpaceSpace
StopCommand + PeriodControl + Space
Fullscreen ToggleCommand + FF
Volume UpCommand + Up ArrowCtrl + Up Arrow
Volume DownCommand + Down ArrowCtrl + Down Arrow
MuteCommand + MM
Next TrackCommand + Right ArrowCtrl + Right Arrow
Previous TrackCommand + Left ArrowCtrl + Left Arrow
Fast ForwardCommand + LCtrl + L
RewindCommand + JCtrl + J
Subtitle ToggleVV
Subtitle Synchronization +HH
Subtitle Synchronization –GG
Audio Track ToggleBB
Play Speed IncreaseCommand + +Ctrl + +
Play Speed DecreaseCommand + –Ctrl + –
Loop ToggleLL
Playlist ToggleCommand + PCtrl + P
Take ScreenshotCommand + SShift + S
Open MediaCommand + OCtrl + O
Quit VLCCommand + QAlt + F4
VLC Keyboard Shortcuts for OS X and Windows In Table Format


In conclusion, VLC Media Player offers a plethora of keyboard shortcuts to streamline your multimedia experience. By mastering these VLC Keyboard Shortcuts, you can navigate through the application swiftly and perform various tasks effortlessly. Whether you’re adjusting volume levels, synchronizing subtitles, or managing playlists, VLC’s keyboard shortcuts will undoubtedly enhance your productivity and overall user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have a VLC player, and I’m used to certain shortcuts on other platforms. Can I customize the keyboard shortcuts in VLC?

Well, you’re in luck! VLC is designed to cater to user preferences. You can tailor your keyboard shortcuts just the way you like. All you need to do is go to “Preferences”, and then select “Hotkeys”

Is there a difference in the keyboard shortcuts between OS X and Windows?

Great question, and the answer is no. The wonderful thing about VLC Media Player is that the keyboard shortcuts are applicable to both OS X and Windows. This means you can transition between the two with ease, without having to relearn your shortcuts.

What if I need more keyboard shortcuts in VLC? Where can I find them?

If you’re looking to take your VLC experience to the next level, there are additional keyboard shortcuts available. You can find these in the official VLC documentation. Alternatively, for quick help, just press “F1” within the VLC application

Can I use VLC keyboard shortcuts while in fullscreen mode?

Absolutely! VLC understands that user experience is paramount. That’s why you can use all your VLC keyboard shortcuts even when the application is in fullscreen mode. The shortcuts remain fully functional, ensuring that your experience is smooth and unhindered.

Does VLC only support audio and video formats?

Not at all! VLC is a Jack of all trades when it comes to media formats. It supports not just audio and video, but also streaming protocols, DVDs, VCDs, and a plethora of audio and video codecs. This makes VLC a versatile media player, capable of handling a wide variety of multimedia content.

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