There is nothing like hiking in the woods or a camping trip to shed the desk-job blues. It’s high time to raise your adventurous soul and get outdoors. Thankfully, we have been scouring the Android and iOS app stores to search camping help, handy hiking aids and adventure apps. We have gathered here the bent hiking apps. If you are determined to step into the wild and ready to leave behind the comforts of the modern world, your first step must be to install the apps. Here are some apps with their features for your convenience.

  1. Yonder

Yonder is for a lover of outdoors, and it allows you to share your experiences and discuss your adventures with other outdoor junkies when it comes to hiking, camping and biking. It just acts like a social media network for the lovers of outdoors. It is even beyond a social app, it also aims at exploration.

Wanna Head for the Hills? Get Ready with the Best Hiking Apps 1

It also allows you to see experiences close to you. Here you will also have image sharing option which is helpful while you are searching for something to do.

  1. Cairn

This app helps you to stay out of harm’s way and get help whenever you need. It crowdsources cell coverage areas so that you can know where you can expect service before you set foot on the trail. This app also gives the facility with which your friends and loved ones can keep tabs on your location.

Wanna Head for the Hills? Get Ready with the Best Hiking Apps 3

There are options where you can set up the app to automatically notify specific contacts while you are overdue. You can also download free maps and trails with statistics for thousands of routes in the United States and United Kingdom. It is at present available in iOS version only, but an Android version is on the way.

  1. Geocaching

Geocaching is a modern day treasure hunt that needs players to hide small items before posting their GPS coordinates in the app.

Wanna Head for the Hills? Get Ready with the Best Hiking Apps 5

This app features more than 2 million treasures utilizing your phone’s GPS to help you find them. For the beginners, it also provides recommendations and tips.

  1. Leafsnap

Leafsnap is a joint project among Columbia University, the University of Maryland, and the Smithsonian Institution. Its visual recognition technology helps you to identify what species of tree a leaf is from. You just need to take a photo and the app will make you know what you are looking at.

Wanna Head for the Hills? Get Ready with the Best Hiking Apps 7

It is not limited to the identification of leaves, it also offers hi-resolution photos of bark, fruits and flowers which can help you to go further in the identification process.